20 Hilarious Office Pranks That Take Workplace Shenanigans To A Whole New Level

The average full-time employee spends at least a third of every day at work — that’s about a quarter of their whole week! Both a downside and an upside to this is seeing the same faces every workday, so while you may sometimes get totally sick of someone, you can always have a little fun with them…

Office pranks can lift employee spirits, create stronger bonds, and just provide some much-needed laughs, and the following are some great examples of how to break up the workday. Just remember: a good prank is no joke!

1. Replacing your colleague’s family photos is a classic prank, but when you Photoshop handsome animal faces on their children’s school pictures, it’s bound to get a couple of laughs. “Hey Carol, I think your kids need haircuts!”

20 Hilarious Office Pranks That Take Workplace Shenanigans To A Whole New Level

2. Covering floors or desks in cups creates a giant pain in the keister for whoever needs to pass through, but here’s the catch: it takes even more effort to set it up! Better not spill or the computer goes down!

3. Being a nurse can be chaotic one moment and really slow the next. So how do they pass the time? Naming every gummy bear color of course. This makes us want to take a break from Haribo for a little while…

4. Never leave your computer logged in while you’re away from your desk. Just don’t do it. You may return to a desktop that was exactly the way you left it, but chances are you’ll find a giant blue monster holding a cookie.

5. How long will it be until he notices? A police officer should have an eye for detail, but it looks like this cop is too busy filling out arrest reports to spot the new furry astronaut hanging from his wall.

6. This is the 4th-floor stapler. It is not to be removed. Except it was moved. First to the 6th floor, then out of the office, and before it could say “copy machine,” it found itself in Disneyland. It may be homesick, but this was probably the most excitement any stapler has ever seen.

7. Ahh, cubicles. An office setup created for isolation, especially to those who cannot look over them. This girl was too short to look at her colleagues when they chatted, so she created a cutout of her head that really captured her presence. 

8. To create the illusion that these people don’t work in an artificially lit concrete box, this office installed forest wallpaper. One Star Wars fan must have found it too plain because he added this little Ewok to the scenery. Honestly, it’s an improvement.

9. While most bathrooms now have a hands-free soap dispensers, toilet flushers, faucets, hand dryers, and paper towel dispensers, we’ve never seen a voice-activated version of these items. How many people do you think screamed at the paper towels before they realize the sticker was a prank?

10. Shane, for the love of chicken, stop offering warranties on cooked food! While management must be quite frustrated with Shane, we can’t blame him for having a little fun while serving fried chicken all day.

11. This business ordered an artificial Christmas tree to get into the holiday spirit, but nobody bothered to open the box. Just when it seemed like all hope was lost, on Christmas Eve, a Yuletide miracle happened, and it was decorated after all… kind of.

12. Honestly, this seems like a solid evacuation plan, even if you’re not really sure where you’re supposed to run to. It’s certainly better than waiting around to see what you ought to be fleeing, right?

13. On his very last day of work at PetSmart, this guy made himself the employee of the month — forever. With such raving reviews, we’re sure the company will miss him heaps. 

14. Is there anything worse than someone spoiling an episode of your favorite TV show that you haven’t gotten around to checking out yet? Sure, but that doesn’t mean you want it to happen! Case in point, this dude. 

15.  First, there were tiny houses, then tiny cooking, and now we bring you: a tiny desk. This employee thought he could take a vacation and come back without consequences, but he might need to eat some Alice In Wonderland cake to fit into his chair again.

16. It’s important to be able to express your personality at work. This guy puts on a different costume every week, or maybe he’s just experimenting with cultures. What will it be? Dutch farm girl or Trekkie? With colleagues like this, every day is an adventure.

17. Who doesn’t love a Mitch Hedberg joke? The late, great comedian might have shuffled off his mortal coil, but his punchlines remain, entertaining hungry office workers the day over. 

18. It’s really a 50/50 chance of whether your coworker will notice the giant bright red horn before sitting down, or whether they’ll have a heart attack when they’re trying to get back to work. The only way to find out is to pull a prank like this!

19. Have you ever been really sad when you’re favorite coworker is leaving the company? Make a pillow with their face on it so they’ll always be with you! It may creep them out to their core, but it’s totally worth it.

20. On a similar note, if your buddy moves cubicles or departments, make sure they know they are remembered in your heart. This little memorial speaks a thousand words, even if it is vaguely creepy.