20 Restaurants That Went Way Overboard Trying To Bring Their Wacky Recipe Ambitions To Life

Attempting to open a restaurant is generally frowned upon unless you have enough money behind it to take a significant profit loss for the first few years. Even if you do have the moola, you still need to figure out a way to stand out among an ocean of other competitors: what makes you different from everyone else?

Well, for one, you need unique dishes so patrons spread the word after they leave. But, there’s a delicate balance. You also don’t want to take your creativity to such an absurd extreme that it backfires. The creators of these restaurants were sure they were upping their food game, but the results are pretty baffling!

1. Whoa, hold the phone! So you’re telling me food here comes served in a shoe? How is anyone supposed to know for a fact that shoe hasn’t been worn before? You can just serve those mozzarella sticks in a bowl; no one will miss the Croc.

20 Restaurants That Went Way Overboard Trying To Bring Their Wacky Recipe Ambitions To Life

2. People like to decorate a bloody Mary with olives, cornichons, and even bacon. But, this is just absurd! How do you even drink this? No one wants a hint of fried chicken and pizza in their morning cocktail.

lovetosaydada / Reddit

3. It’d be quite startling to “meat” these two dolls at your dinner table. Whoever draped the raw meat around them actually did a pretty fine job, but not many people want to feel like their meal was inspired by Lady Gaga’s meat dress.

brokenankleZ / Reddit

4. This looks like a scene from the live-action version of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Was it raining cocktails outside? This method of slinging drinks looks way too cumbersome. Don’t they have a basic pitcher instead?

Quercusrobar / Reddit

5. A lot of people love beer, and a lot of people love slurping ramen noodles. But, should the two ever engage in Holy Matrimony? This place clearly thinks so. You might want to think about calling a designated driver to get you home after this noodle dish.

mjomark / REddit

6. This certainly looks like a fun way to feast on a variety of fried appetizers. Fries? Check. Chicken tenders? Check. Onion rings? Check. Enough room to actually eat the food once it comes? Still trying to figure that out.

EZcheezy / Reddit

7. Ladies and gentlemen, here we have for you the most dangerous meal in the world! So, people are just supposed to order this salad served in a mangled tin can and hope they leave with all the skin still on their fingers?

IncredulousStraddle / Reddit

8. Here’s a very odd way of bringing chips and dip to hungry patrons. It’s probably a safe bet to assume anyone ordering chips doesn’t want them to come out looking like they just ran through a cycle in a washing machine. Are the dips different flavored detergents?

mmonzeob / Reddit

9. If they look like cigars and come in a cigar box, then they must be cigars, right? Nope, they can also be delicious taquitos! Just make sure no one tries to light one up: cigar aficionados will certainly be disappointed, and taquito fans won’t be too psyched either!

makeoutwithscott / Reddit

10. Nachos are perfect for a large group of people. Nachos that come sliding out of the bottom of a metal garbage can, however… maybe not so much. What’s wrong with just piling them high on a plate and avoiding the thought of them sitting in garbage?

11. We can all agree shovels are for digging in the ground. So, when you order a variety of breakfast meats and fries, the last thing you want to picture is your food being dug out from the earth and immediately served to you.

12. Is this some kind of sick joke? Tempting hungry customers with a delicious burger while at the same time scaring them so they’re too afraid to grab it? This is human food, not mouse food. You can use an actual plate.

13. Falafel and hummus in an egg carton… hmm… What happened to the eggs? In all honesty, egg cartons wouldn’t be the worst thing to serve falafel in; they do fit snugly into each slot. But, that still doesn’t explain where all the eggs are ending up…

14. The employees at this restaurant stole this shopping cart from the world’s tiniest grocery store. How are they covering up the crime? Fill it with grapes and pretend it’s a cool way to complement wine. 

15. Patrons who eat at this place are essentially treated like house pets and served food in pet bowls. Does ol’ Fido know his dish was stolen from him so humans can enjoy a meal? Maybe there are still kibble crumbs on the bottom of it for extra flavoring.

16. After shredding the half pipe you can pull into this place and grab a beer and a pizza. Oh yeah, the pizza happens to be served on the bottom of a snowboard. You know what that’s called? A waste of a perfectly good snowboard.

HarryFlashman1927 / Reddit

17. You have to hand it to this restaurant, they clearly have a great Scotch egg, and they’re not afraid to let everyone know. Using a trophy as a plate would normally be frowned upon, but this is pretty creative stuff. That egg does look amazing.

18. How do you spell the proper name of this sandwich? Oh, that’s right: the first letter is “N” and the last letter is “O.” This is a complete disaster. It’s a soggy, sloppy, Spaghetti-o-filled mess that no one should have to eat.

redditinshans / Reddit

19. When you own an upscale restaurant, there are certain ways you can flaunt the wealth without seeming way over the top, but this place is doing it all wrong. C’mon now, food on top of iPads? What a waste of technology. 

cheekyjan / Reddit

20. Hey, if you want your pasta fresh, cut out the middleman. Let’s get those noodles straight from the skillet and into your mouth, STAT. Just make sure you don’t suffer third-degree burns from the searing metal.