20 Times Cake Makers Only Had One Job To Do And Failed Hilariously

We use the phrase “a piece of cake” to describe simple tasks, but cake can be pretty complicated. If you’ve ever ordered a cake from a bakery, you know there are several factors involved: flavor, colors, decorations. That sometimes leads to major miscommunication between the customer and confection maker. Take these crazy bakes as a warning: When it comes to ordering cake, you need to be specific. Otherwise, you’re dessert might end up turning some tummies.

Is it swamp flavored too? In theory, a Shrek cake seems like a good idea. However, when this bad boy was slapped onto the table, everyone instantly lost their appetites.

We’re all familiar with the graduation day traditions of wearing a cat on our heads, turning the tail from right to left, and tossing those felines as high in the air as our dreams!

Reddit / Bluesberry

Unless this is a cake ordered by Apple, this was not what the customer intended for their dessert. Take note to delete any automatic signatures at the end of your emails to the baker!

Imgur / 1stworldgurl

Let this be a reminder that you can never be too specific when you fill out the custom order form for a cake. You think “in Pink” means to use pink icing. They think you love a wide variety of pop talents!


If you can guess who this cake face is supposed to be, you’ll be spared from having to eat a piece. Fans of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia might recognize this as Danny DeVito, or they might not, because, well, look at it.

Reddit / Brilliant_fungi

“Welcome, Baby” said the big yellow monster. Where do we even start here? Allegedly, the yellow creature is supposed to be a duck. Whether or not the person who did this has ever actually seen a duck, well, that’s up for debate.

Reddit / Chocolatefiend

Belle looks more like a beast. Hopefully, no one paid a professional to produce this terror of a cake, which most certainly will be remembered by the kid who blew out the candles for the rest of their days.

Reddit / Sababintemurtaz

The boss who received this cake probably thought he was the target of a weird prank, but really, the bakery was confused by the flash drive that the customer included in the order. Instead of taking the golfing photo off the drive, they did this.

A woman tried to pay tribute to the Backwoods Barbie herself, Dolly Parton, through the medium of cake. Sadly, while she gave it her best effort, the baker’ss final product leans closer to an LSD-fueled Dollywood nightmare.


While the worker who did this lettering has mastered their cursive, they could still use a few lessons on reading comprehension. “Under Neat that” was most certainly just the direction “underneath,” but hey, they’ll get it on the next round.

Facebook / Chris Brotz

One way to tell your stinkiest friend to take a shower without hurting their feelings is to present them with the message in cake form. That’s not what happened here, though. That was definitely supposed to say “birthday.”

Cake Wrecks

A picture guide really didn’t make this baker’s job any easier. Thankfully, this clownish version of Ariel wasn’t created by a professional, but by an older brother who must really hate his sister. Why else would he make something so scary?


For someone celebrating their 1001st birthday, this gal doesn’t look too pleased. That salty expression is probably because the bakery decided to age her by 900 years. That, or she’s the oldest living creature of all time.

Instagram / Chad Riden

If it comes down to a technicality, the baker here did include an image of the customer’s intended cake on the final product. They just happened to prioritize the pickup time by making it the entire theme of the dessert.

Cake Wrecks

On the other end of the spectrum are cake decorators who take things too literally. They turned the inscription into a forgery challenge, and to be honest, they are a natural! Though, they could’ve done without the carrot.

Instagram / Hipmamajen

Were the instructions for this cake delivered through tin can telephones? Something was very much lost in translation for Phillip’s celebration. Or, this guy comes from a very long line of That That That’s.

Rather than call the customer to clarify what “dots” meant, this bakery worker just winged it without a second thought. They might have gotten away with their error, too, if it hadn’t been for the misspelling of “fallowing.”

Cake Wrecks

There might be more than a snake in Woody’s boot. Based on his body language, he looks just as confounded by the trail of brown icing and subsequent piles of chocolate all over the top of this cake.

No, the cake decorator didn’t treat this canvas as their personal diary. Granted, they probably like sprinkles just fine, though in this instance they misinterpreted the directions and forgot to include even a single sprinkle.

The two biggest days of a person’s life are when they walk down the aisle and when they rid their garden of weeds. We’re guessing this cake was supposed to celebrate the former, and the baker screwed up. Hopefully, their special day wasn’t spoiled by other wedding fails.

Just what everyone wants before their long-planned vacation: someone telling them to go by way of a fluffy dessert. Talk about a guilt trip!

Imagine being an eight-year-old boy, excited that mom got you a Spider-Man cake…only to find this dog-man hybrid, submissive disaster. Your Spidey senses would be tingling—and not in a good way.

Don’t tell Captain Picard about this cake. While the real Starship Enterprise boldly goes where no one else has, this egregious cake should’ve gone boldly into the trash!

The baker literally translated what the cake buyer wrote down, and, in doing so, turned a lovely farewell message into an ominous threat: Say it. Say you’ll miss us.

Saltines for ears? Yikes. Whoever baked this cake apparently saw only one cat in his or her lifetime, and it was a feral cat fresh off a two-week-long catnip bender.

Any fond memories of playing Super Nintendo with friends and family were likely crushed when the birthday boy saw this grey brick cake. Someone sentence the chef to four hours of video games.

Legends of the kid’s cartoon character Bob the Builder said the man could fix anything. But not even he could fix this beefcake landslide — a disaster, through and through.

Even the cat was disappointed in this cake’s recreation of his likeness, but let’s face it: unless that thing was covered in kibble, he was never going to be truly delighted with this cake.

Where to start with this cake disaster…The Princess Leia hair buns for ears? The crow’s feet that make Disney’s iconic mouse look aged by years of abusive labor camps? Get this mouse some help.

Asking a baker to proofread a cake is like asking a plumber to look over your taxes: sure, they might catch errors, but it’s probably best you don’t count on it.

Another baker took a shot at a Spider-Man cake, and though it’s certainly different from the dog-man hybrid, they missed the mark a bit on his, well, everything. Really nailed his three fingers though.

Because of a spelling mistake, this cake went from simply declaring the recipient “Valedictorian” to offering a noble compliment. Who wouldn’t want to be a valid Victorian? Sounds regal as heck.

Admittedly, this cake looks pretty tasty, at least until you see the enormous buck teeth shoved into place just below the chocolate-ball snout. Were those a necessary addition?

It would’ve been easier for the baker here to just write, you know, “Happy Birthday,” but they went for a gag. Now their cake’s picture is on the internet, so it looks like they made a clever choice.

If you tilt, squint, turn your computer screen upside down, and ignore the cake’s massively undersized head, the cake sort of, kind of looks exactly like pop sensation Hannah Montana…right?

This 30-year-old didn’t get any stars and sprinkles on her cake thanks to an ordering snafu. But you have to wonder how that would’ve looked on a surface of brown frosting anyway.

Either the person who ordered up this cake ironically forgot how to spell remember, or they cleverly created a new verb. Unfortunately, it looks like if that’s the case they forgot to include the definition.

Because school was out for summer, no one had the energy to correct the egregious grammatical error. Save all that fancy, right-way talkin’ for the school year.

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