Drew Barrymore Having Third Baby Via Sperm Donor?

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Drew Barrymore did not have a third child via IVF and a sperm donor, but a tabloid swore that was trying to last year. Gossip Cop can now debunk the bogus report.

An article published in NW in 2019 claimed that Barrymore, a mother of two, was “eager” to add to her family again. “Drew feels she’s learned her lesson when it comes to marriage,” a so-called “insider” told the magazine, “but she’s over the moon about being a mum and would love to give her kids another sibling!” It should be noted that one mistake the Australian magazine makes a lot is saying Australian words like “mum” rather than the American “mom,” which would be a lot more believable for a source supposedly close to an American actress. But it’s not like this tabloid has ever been known for putting effort into its phony stories.

The “insider” went on to say that “Motherhood has just been a revelation” to Barrymore, and that “she wants to get cracking on adding to the family while her children are still young enough.” The Never Been Kissed actress allegedly would prefer another daughter, the source said , but would be “just as happy ” giving her daughters a brother. “The main thing is that the child is happy and healthy, and if IVF doesn’t prove successful, she’s open to going down the adoption route.”

Gossip Cop found the claim to be pretty shady. As is common with stories like this, the tabloid draws you in with an eye-catching headline – this time, it’s “Drew’s Donor Baby!” – but then refuses to make any definitive statements, simply saying that Barrymore is “exploring options.” If and when Barrymore didn’t turn out to be pregnant in a few months, the tabloid could just publish another story about how she had decided on adoption and the process was taking a while, thereby buying itself more time to come up with even more lies.

But it’s been nearly a full year now, and nothing has changed. Barrymore still isn’t pregnant, nor has she announced any adoption process. The story was quite simply not true.

In fact, just a couple of months ago Gossip Cop debunked a similar report from the same tabloid about Barrymore having another child after seeing her friend Cameron Diaz welcome her first baby. In that one, NW insisted that Barrymore had “her heart set on a boy.” Odd that she would change her mind on that, but it’s a moot point because Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the actress, who told us the whole story was a work of fiction. It’s worth noting, that unsurprisingly, the tabloid didn’t mention the earlier story in this one. Barrymore just isn’t planning on a third child at this time.

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