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Drive-Thru Worker Spots An Unsettling Scene Outside The Window

Most of your everyday workers aren’t exactly prepared to handle dangerous situations, but sometimes there’s a brave individual willing to rise up. This Taco Bell employee had been behind the counter for over a decade, but one scary turn of events changed everything. Even with fatal risks lurking around every corner, Sonja Nixon Frazier did not forget about what was really important.

Sonja Nixon Frazier (middle) had been working at the Clarksville Taco Bell in Tennessee for 14 years. It was a job that she took very seriously, giving each and every customer equal respect and care. She never thought one sudden schedule shift would change the life of a guest.

Sonja built great relationships with everyone around her, including the Clarksville Taco Bell General Manager Marquita Johnson. Marquita recognized Sonja’s great work ethic and promoted her to a manager position. Sonja was typically scheduled to cover the night shift, but her boss needed to change things around in August of 2020.

Casey Williams – Clarksville Now

See, Marquita realized that she was going to need some help that next morning, so she asked Sonja to move her shift up by a few hours — the night owl would become an early morning owl. This was the fateful move.

H.J. Harris – Hermiston Herald

Sonja made the switch, and the employees working under her would be grateful to have her around when a frightening change of pace shook up the morning, only an hour after Sonja arrived. There was some commotion outside.

Clarksville Now – Youtube

One employee taking drive-through orders found it strange when the traffic came to a sudden halt. After checking the live camera footage, they came across a concerning sight.

An SUV had rolled into the drive-through at an angle, blocking traffic. There was no damage done, but everyone who was there that was morning was scared for the driver of that car. He wasn’t moving at all.

Sonja rushed out of the building, following one of her coworkers to see what was going on with the driver. When they saw him passed out over his steering wheel, they immediately acted to save the man’s life.

NewsChannel 5 Nashville WTVF

One customer also leaped into action and approached the imperiled driver. Sonja and her coworker pulled the passed-out man from his car and laid him on the pavement. He was still unresponsive. Sonja, who formerly worked in the medical industry, feared the worst.

University of Michigan

Sonja’s coworker called 911 right away, while all the customers watched with concern for the man’s life. It would take some time before paramedics could arrive to help him. Sonja recognized that the driver was turning blue as he lay unconscious. The 911 Operator asked if anyone knew CPR.


Normally, there would be no risk to perform CPR, and anyone certified wouldn’t hesitate. Unfortunately, this was all happening while the deadly virus of COVID-19 was spreading throughout the country. Touching a stranger was a big gamble.

Sonja hesitated. Because of a preexisting condition, she was even more at risk than the other people in the drive-through. She had sarcoidosis, a rare lung disease, making her more vulnerable to the virus. That didn’t stop her from going to work, and she decided it would not stop her from saving this stranger’s life.

James Tye – UCL

Everyone at the Clarksville Taco Bell was following guidelines set by the CDC, including Sonja. But Sonja, in a swift move, chose to remove her mask and step right into this life-or-death situation.

Sonja leaned in and performed CPR on the unconscious driver. It was thanks to her 6 years of experience as a healthcare worker, which included training in CPR, that gave everyone in the Taco Bell hope. They awaited some sign of life.

Richard Hutchings – Science Source

Then the driver gasped! Once he was talking, Sonja asked her coworker to grab the man’s license so she could know his name and speak to him on a more personal level. In between mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, she let him know everything would be all right. Then, the paramedics finally arrived.

ABC News

It was the longest 11 minutes of Sonja’s life. After all was said and done, she needed a minute to herself. Off to the side of the Taco Bell, she cried and smoked a cigarette. She would have more comfort when she returned home to her beautiful family.

Sonja Nixon – Facebook

Sonja is a mother of two and set a great example for her children. In spite of the risks, she told reporters, “This is what I was supposed to do.” She doesn’t consider herself a hero.

In an interview with CNN, Sonja expressed her ideals. “It doesn’t matter who he was or what skin color he had. I knew I was there to save his life,” she tells the reporter. Her boss, Marquita Johnson, was emotional about the whole ordeal, but not surprised in the slightest.

News 4 WSMV Nashville

Marquita also shared her thoughts and gratitude: “[Sonja] is a genuine person always willing to help anyone and everyone whenever she can…She is my hero. I’m honored to be her boss.” More people showed their gratitude in a different way.

News 4 WSMV Nashville

Word has spread about Sonja’s heroism, and also how it is not the first time she’s saved a life. To reward Sonja for her courageous acts, a GoFundMe page has been created in her honor, aiming to raise $10,000 for Sonja. Social media also helped.

Kristina Zuidema / Flickr

Sonja could never forget the face of the man she saved. Since she knew his name from his driver’s license, she took to Facebook to find him and send him a message. She eagerly awaited to know how he was doing.


The man replied to Sonja with immense gratitude and appreciation. He wanted to repay Sonja for the incredible deed she had done for him, but Sonja was satisfied just knowing that he was okay.

News 4 WSMV Nashville

When the pandemic is over, the driver and Sonja plan to meet up. With how much they mean to each other, this could be the start of a lifetime friendship — something we need more of in difficult times. Luckily, Sonja wasn’t the only person willing to put their life on the line for a stranger.

News 4 WSMV Nashville

Halfway across the world from Sonja, an even more urgent crisis unfolded. Though the work Shammugun Nathan did was tedious, he was happy to have a job. He was from Chennai, India, but his construction job sent him to surrounding countries that needed help. That’s how he ended up in Singapore.

The Straits Times

Singapore had a lot of roads that needed fixing, which put him and his co-worker P. Muthukumar in the hot sun doing back-breaking work. The day was unfolding like any other, until Shammugun realized someone nearby the site needed desperate help.


Cries were coming from a Housing Board Block on Jurong East Street, a large complex not far from where Shammugun and his crew were laying tar. The construction worker sprinted towards the commotion, and then his jaw dropped.

His heart jumped to his throat as he stared at a toddler dangling off a two-story balcony by her head! She somehow managed to wedge her head in between the railing, and she was minutes away from falling.

The girl was only three years old, as everyone later learned. No one had any clue how she found herself in such a dangerous predicament, but Shammugun wasted no time and sprang into action.

The Straits Times

He kicked off his shoes, quickly examined a feasible route up the balcony, and began to climb towards the child. Her screams were getting louder as she started slipping through the railing.

Miraculously, Shammugun’s adrenaline pushed him into overdrive and he managed to get to the girl before she fell to her death. While he held her, another worker climbed up to assist him.

P. Muthukumar quickly scaled the building minutes after Shammugun and joined him, climbing over the railing so Shammugun could push the toddler back onto the balcony to safety. Then, the girl’s mother arrived home.

When Naureen Saniri realized what happened, she was terrified to the point of sickness. She explained to the construction workers — and eventually the fire department — she left the young girl home alone to bring another child to school.

According to the mother, the little girl was asleep when she left, and it was just a quick trip to school and back. Even if she did wake up, she had her iPad to play with.

However, the girl woke up, grabbed her iPad, and ventured into the kitchen, where she opened up a door leading out to the balcony. She apparently dropped the iPad and leaned through the railing to grab it.

It was very unlike the toddler to wander outside. Naureen was always strict about staying inside when she wasn’t supervised, but it’s in a child’s nature to let curiosity take hold.

The Straits Times

A video of the incident captured by a witness immediately went viral, and although Shammugun and his coworker were praised, the exact opposite happened to the girl’s parents. People were quick to point out their irresponsibility.

The Straits Times

In an emotional interview given by Naureen, she recognized the harsh comments people left on the video, but she tried to explain no one knew the whole situation. Shammugun weighed in.

Naturally, Shammugun was thrilled everything turned out okay. He said, “If I were there a little later there was a chance of the baby slipping.” His rescue partner also had plenty to say about the successful operation.

“The baby stopped crying and looked happy as we were pulling. When she stopped crying, we were so happy. I believe in paying it forward,” Muthukumar said. Both men were even honored after the dust finally settled.

Not only were they immediately inducted into the Vigilanteh Hall of Fame, but the Singapore Civil Defense Force also presented them both with Public Spiritedness Awards for their bravery and willingness to risk their lives for someone in need.

As you can imagine, the toddler’s parents learned some hard lessons that day. First, they’ll never leave her home alone again, and even if they are home, that kitchen door leading out to the balcony must stay locked.

Shammugun and Muthukumar were incredibly humble about the whole experience; they were simply doing what was necessary in the moment. Ordinary heroes have made life-saving decisions across the world.

The Straits Times

For instance, when Logan Simmons was a 19-year-old living just north of Atlanta, Georgia, he’d taken a fast food job, working as the manager of a Chick-fil-A. He was also earning his real estate license, hoping to turn his interest in the housing market into a full-time career.

Austin Steele/ The Gainesville Times

Chick-fil-A is known for great service; it’s frequently hailed as one of the most polite chains in the country. And while Logan was well-versed in the company’s customer service practices, nothing could have prepared him for his next interaction with a mother and her child.

Logan was standing in the kitchen preparing for the dinner rush when a car pulled up to the drive-thru window. Something was different though. This car wasn’t full of hungry customers demanding some fresh chicken sandwiches.

Spokesman Review

Logan could see a woman driving the car and a small child fidgeting in the back. The pair seemed to be communicating with each other, but the conversation seemed very frantic. Something strange was going on.

See, even with limited context, the employees could tell the child wasn’t asking for soda or pleading for a kids’ meal complete with a toy. Whatever he wanted, his mother wasn’t quite sure how to handle it.

In the middle of this interaction, she pulled up to the drive-thru window to speak to the employees. That’s why her situation became clear: instead of wanting a soda or chicken, she and her son wanted help — and quickly.

Somehow, the boy had gotten tangled in his seat belt and was struggling to breathe! Even worse, like a desperate animal, his frantic attempts to free himself were actually tightening the belt around his neck!

The panicked woman was hoping that someone in the restaurant would be able to save her child, but the workers were stunned. Saving a little boy was a bit different than frying chicken and serving drinks. Logan saw this all unfolding.


“You could see [the boy] struggling and it getting tighter and tighter,” Logan said. “He was turning red and losing pigmentation in his face.” The manager knew someone had to act quickly.

There was an issue, however: location. Logan was in the kitchen with the rest of his team while the boy was struggling in a car idling outside the restaurant. If Logan ran out the front door, it would be too late.

So, Logan sprung into action…literally. He took a step back to brace himself and then climbed through the drive-thru window. It was a tight squeeze, but afterward, he was standing in front of the car.

Chick-fil-A employees frequently go above and beyond, but asking Logan to save a life went beyond anything taught in the employee handbook. Still, the child was still struggling, so in a moment of desperation, Logan asked the woman for permission to do something crazy.

Logan quickly grabbed for his trusty pocket knife. He hacked and sawed at the belt, but it proved sturdy — it was tough to cut through. He kept at it, cutting for seconds that surely felt like hours.

“I cut it down and he laid back in the seat, and I was immediately like, ‘Hey, are you OK,’” Logan told the Gainesville Times. “He was crying then, and I knew he was breathing perfectly fine if he could cry.”

Logan’s quick thinking didn’t go unnoticed. “I’m amazed he didn’t panic,” Logan’s mother, Teri, explained. “As his mother, I would have panicked. I’d be running around going ‘oh my gosh, what do we do?’” Logan, however, had an unexpected response.

Rather than accept his new fame, Logan was quick to deflect it. While he had done something amazing, he hadn’t done it seeking fame or a TV interview. His main concern was something bigger.

Ever the manager, Logan was mainly concerned with keeping everyone safe.”I’m just so thankful everyone is okay,” he told USA Today. “I’m still a little shocked by what happened but am grateful I was able to help.”

Home In Henderson

Despite that sentiment, Logan was still being hailed as a hero. And while locals didn’t gather to watch him soar across the sky, his actions did bring more attention than he was prepared to handle.

Logan explained that, in addition to all of the press coverage, people were cheering for him and shouting his name in the streets! Some locals have even visited the restaurant for a chance to thank him in person.

As word about his heroism spread, Logan’s admirers put together a fundraiser for him, hoping to raise money for Logan to buy his own car. That would go along way in helping lock down a career in real estate! Logan’s got another plan to help him there, though.


In light of recent events, Logan is considering asking for a raise! And while Chick-fil-A didn’t train him on how to save lives, he’s definitely taken their customer service to new heights — though he has competition.

Logan Steele/ The Gainsville Times

Like most people living alone, 99-year-old Stephen Bellissimo enjoyed his routine. Every day he buttoned up a collared shirt, slid into a blazer, and, when he felt hungry, drove to his favorite restaurant in Oldsmar, Florida.

Fox 13 Tampa Bay

The restaurant, about six miles outside of Tampa, wasn’t far from his home. It didn’t serve juicy steaks, and it wasn’t a diner with one friendly waitress who served never-ending free coffee. But he loved it all the same.

Charlie Neibergall / Northwest Herald

Stephen couldn’t get enough of the classic fried chicken sandwich — with two pickles and a buttered bun! — from his local Chik-fil-A. And there, the man nearing his 100th birthday developed quite a reputation…

Because every day for nearly 20 years, he ordered the same meal and sat in the same booth (for hours), without fail. For the employees, he became a beacon of comfort — the kindly man you just knew would smile at you. They called him “Mr. Steve.”

Stephen “makes everyone here feel loved and welcomed,” Chick-fil-A marketing director, Brittani Craft, said. He told anyone who would listen that he wanted nothing more than to live to be 100. But just before his 100th birthday, he suffered an accident.

Fox 13 Tampa Bay

Either through an act of carelessness or feebleness, Stephen fell down. While the fall didn’t induce any life-threatening damage, the rest of Stephen’s family started worrying — could the aging man live on his own anymore?

After some hard conversations, Stephen did what was best for his health and moved in with his son. He lived far from the Chik-fil-A, and soon, Stephen’s six weekly visits were reduced to just one on Friday afternoons.

normanack / Flickr

On that day, Stephen ordered his chicken sandwich, sat in his same booth, and stayed for hours. On the other days, employees glanced hopefully at Mr. Steve’s empty booth, waiting for a man who wouldn’t be coming.

And while happy he still had the strength to eat his favorite chicken after his fall, Stephen longed for his daily talks with the fast food employees he’d grown so fond of. So when his 100th birthday finally arrived, he knew just where he wanted to go.

On September 21, 2018, Stephen and his son went to that Oldsmar Chik-fil-A. The 100-year-old led the way, excited to be in his favorite place — but the restaurant looked different.

Fox 13 Tampa Bay

Eyes wide, Stephen looked around the restaurant where he’d spent about 20,000 hours of his life over the past two decades. “Oh my God,” he said, incredulous. “What’s going on?”

Fox 13 Tampa Bay

Dozens of helium-filled red balloons bobbed against the ceiling, party hats sat atop the tables, a giant cardboard check clung to the back wall, and a bright banner hung above a window just beside the front counter.

And before Stephen could get a full grasp on his surroundings, Chik-fil-A employee Brittani Craft — cheered on by a few well-dressed guests — wrapped the 100-year-old up in a tight, sincere hug. Only then, did he read the banner.

Fox 13 Tampa Bay

It read, “Happy 100th Birthday, Mr. Steve!” Soon, Stephen was enveloped in love by Chik-fil-A employees and restaurant guests who frequently visited Stephen at his booth. But there was even more to the celebration.

Fox 13 Tampa Bay

With a hand on his shoulder, Brittani delivered the grand finale. “Mr. Steve,” she said, “we want to give you Chick-fil-A for the rest of your life…you’re getting it for free!”

Fox 13 Tampa Bay

“I come here to eat Chik-fil-A for free?” he clarified. When she said yes, his smile could’ve warmed a Scandinavian winter. “My God!” he said. “This is the best gift I could ever receive!” But the elderly man had one concern…

Fox 13 Tampa Bay

“Can I get my same booth?” he asked with delight. Of course, he could, and birthday cake, gifts, and a card with hand-written messages from restaurant employees. Stephen was overwhelmed.

Fox 13 Tampa Bay

But it was Brittani and the Chik-fil-A staff’s pleasures to throw the surprise party. “It’s so heartwarming to watch him affect everyone here,” she said. Stephen, meanwhile, wasn’t going to let his gift go to waste.

Fox 13 Tampa Bay

Still smiling — and perhaps thinking of a chicken sandwich with two pickles on a buttered bun — the 100-year-old man announced, “instead of coming once a week, now I’m coming every day!”


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