Game Of Thrones Receives Considerable Criticism After Two Plastic Bottles Were Performed By Fans Throughout Finale

Game Of Thrones Receives Considerable Criticism After Two Plastic Bottles Were Performed By Fans Throughout Finale’.

According to a report by, Twitter users were furious when they discovered there were modern items on the set of Game of Thrones, directly in the frame and throughout the last moments of the show. Throughout a scene from the last incident, there’s a water bottle sitting behind John Bradley’s character, Samwell Tarly. And a few minutes after, another water bottle near the character played by Liam Cunningham, Dave Seaweather, can be seen. Fans of the show were bothered by the information of the bottle appearing in the frame because it is not the first time.

Throughout the installment of the last season, Daenerys Targaryen, Emilia Clarke’s character, is close to some coffee cup. In a statement, HBO apologized for the java cup being visible in the frame and edited it from future showings of the incident.

The network said in their statement that the latté, was clearly a mistake because Daenerys ordered tea. While Game Of Thrones has broke records for HBO, the show has not been without critique in the past, including problems with on screen darkness. Since the sixth season of the show, fans have complained about just how dark the episodes really are because it may get exceedingly difficult to see what is on the screen, particularly in conflict scenes.

Caitlyn Callegari, a journalist for Bustle, listed 31 samples of lighting issues on the show. A few of the errors in lighting generated not just visibility problems, but the lighting was so bad that it was difficult to determine the colour of a character’s hair. In accordance with the show’s Wikipedia page, critics have pointed out that individuals that are accustomed to creating movies, who then go on to make television show, struggle to adapt to lighting demands. Thinking of the normal person’s house in comparison to a film theatre, a person’s living space tends to be considerably brighter, possibly with lights on and a window with light glowing in, whereas a film theatre is dark. Two decades ago Robert McLachlan, a cinematographer employed on Game Of Thrones, stated to reporters that the darkness was artistic alternative because they are attempting make the scenes authentic as naturalistic as possible.