Jessica Simpson Struggling To Stay Sober During Pandemic?

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Is Jessica Simpson struggling to stay sober during the current pandemic? A tabloid is claiming the singer is on edge and having a hard time. Gossip Cop investigated the story, and we can set the record straight.

According to the National Enquirer, Simpson is “struggling” to stay free from drugs and alcohol while self-isolating. Following the revelation in her memoir Open Book that she used alcohol and pills to escape the shadows of her sexual abuse as a child, so-called sources say that she’s close to relapsing and is “on the edge” amid the coronavirus epidemic. “She’s having a hard time in quarantine. She’s struggling with her sobriety,” a supposed insider tells the magazine. The alleged source says that Jessica Simpson is taking it day by day, but “it’s been a struggle.”

“Her friends don’t believe she’s turned to drinking again, but there’s been talk about it, so much so, that she’s needed extra therapy,” the unnamed source continues. The publication insists that even though the singer maintains she hasn’t had a drink since 2017, things are less than perfect while she’s home with her family during the lockdown. “Like so many others in quarantine, it’s been a dark period for her,” the anonymous source concluded.

While it’s true that Jessica Simpson struggled with drinking in the past, the magazine’s latest claim is incorrect. The singer is not having a difficult time staying sober while in quarantine. Simpson has posted several pictures of herself with her family on Instagram where she appears to look happy and healthy.

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It doesn’t look like the singer is having a hard time coping with being indoors. In fact, it seems like Jessica Simpson is making the most of the current situation and having a good time with her husband and children. The magazine clearly doesn’t have a clue about what it’s saying. Furthermore, Gossip Cop spoke to a rep for Simpson, who tells us on the record that the story is not true. We’re debunking this phony story.

This wouldn’t be the first time the Enquirer was off-base about its stories on the star. Earlier this year, Gossip Cop busted the phony outlet for falsely reporting that Simpson held back on bashing her sister, Ashlee, in her memoir. Following this, the publication was dismissed by us for incorrectly stating that Simpson wanted to join the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In July 2018, Gossip Cop debunked the magazine for alleging that Simpson was eating herself to death and in a crisis over her weight. The magazine has been proven to have no real insight on the singer and shouldn’t be trusted.

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