Justin Bieber Reportedly ‘Not Over’ Selena Gomez Even After Marrying Hailey Baldwin

Justin Bieber Reportedly ‘Not Over’ Selena Gomez Even After Marrying Hailey Baldwin
Source: elle.com

Supposedly, despite the fact that he and Hailey Baldwin are newlyweds, Justin Bieber still thinks about his ex Selena Gomez, especially now that she is going through such a difficult time. One source tells HollywoodLife that the singer’s emotional breakdown has really affected Bieber.

Is Justin not over his first love? According to the outlet, that seems to be the case.

The insider claims ‘He is not over Selena. This was his very first great love, and while he was still very young and traveling all around the world as a superstar, he learned a lot from her. He may or may not have made a mistake with his marriage but he was extremely upset over what’s happened to Selena. He feels like she’s part of his life and he wants her to happy and healthy.’

Sure enough, Justin was photographed shedding tears in his car days after Selena had her meltdown as his new wife was looking on.

Regardless of whether or not he still loves Selena, another source close to the model says that Hailey is always there for her husband as he deals with these emotions.

‘This is a really hard spot for Hailey, but she is handling this with a lot of grace and maturity. With all the history Justin and Selena have, this is not easy for anyone. But, Hailey’s putting aside all of her feelings and just being there for Justin and letting him process everything.’*

Justin and Selena have a long and tumultuous history together, but there was definitely love there so it must be really hard for him as well to see her go through such a dark time. It’s so complicated!

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