Kobe Bryant Poses Proudly Next To His Tall Daughter Natalia And His Feet Got A Lot Of Attention From The Picture

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A beaming Kobe Bryant posed next to his stunning daughter, Natalia Bryant, in a picture and fans are going crazy over his feet.

The basketball legend stood next to Natalia who looked elegant in a mini white dress and matching stilettos. The teenager had her hair cascading on her shoulders and sported a corsage.

While Kobe’s body is visible, a giant star was used to cover his feet.

Vanessa Bryant, who shared the photo, had this to say about the big moment: “#Homecoming 💕#MyBabyGirl #Kind #Loving #Smart #Beauty (Since I get asked this ALL the time…. Natalia is 5’9” without heels on). Legs for days.”

One fan reacted to the picture by saying: “Kobes kids are old now lol damn! I thought all his kids were under 10. For a minute there, I thought that was Vanessa. They covered his feet cause remnants from them being up some dudes butt was probably showing, keep a close eye, Kobe.”

Another commenter stated: “All of you wrong for doing that man toes like that lol she made him get up from watching tv Haha mamba mentality going to have to get a few straps… The only downfall about marrying a beautiful woman is you have cute kids that you have to keep you weirdos away from.”

This supporter claimed: “Why they covered his toes? Better hide them snaggle toes, Kobe, lol. That’s right when you make babies with a Latina you get nothing but pure beauty and fire have fun and dance the night away baby girl for all us mamas who have to stay home lol she’s beautiful Vanessa!! And she looks age appropriate in a beautiful yet “normal “ dress. Good job Kobe. Damn. I thought this was his wife. She’s gotta be at least 6’4” in the heels. Imagine being the dude who takes Kobe’s daughter to homecoming.”

A fourth person revealed why Kobe was hiding his feet: “I thought that was Vanessa; she is So grown up 👀 like her mom. Keep her in eyesight. They have raised these young ladies so beautifully! You don’t ever catch them being little thots or dressing like hookers! So happy for Kobe & @vanessabryant they have done a phenomenal job with them I don’t think people understand the physical damage playing pro ball does to one’s body. I only know this because I was raised around pro ballers and I saw the day to day pain they went through. Hammertoes, permanently jammed fingers, etc. Leave the man alone.”
Kobe will have sleepless nights with these pretty daughters.

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