Lazy People That Might Actually Be Secretly Genius

In a world where some 13 year olds are already worth millions, laziness has become something of a cultural taboo. Now, people are looking for ways to optimize and prioritize, and become the next big thing overnight — unless, of course, you’re one of these people. They decided to shirk “burnout culture” to make laziness an art form, yet in the process, they revealed that they might have actually been geniuses the whole time.

Don’t listen to what your fancy friends say: you don’t have to live in a fancy building to have a garbage chute after all! Using several trash bins stacked together, this guy just made garbage day a whole lot easier.

When it comes to shoveling snow, getting past the hard and icy bits is always so annoying. So why not melt them? It seems to be working well for this homeowner! 

It turns out that when these street cleaners dangled their rakes off the back of their truck, they could scoop more leaves without even lifting a finger! Sometimes, the more you don’t work, the more gets done! Sometimes…

On one hand, this guy’s definitely avoiding going back out to bring that bin in; on the other, it takes some serious skill to back up and pull a garbage can at the same time. Lazy, or a pure athlete?

Why shell out hundreds for a fancy flat screen when an iPad works just as well? Sure, it’d be tough to cram a dozen guys around it for the big game on Sunday, but just think of it as a chance to get real cozy with your best pals.

When you’re trying to relax at the beach, the last thing you want to do is get up… even for a drink. But with just a straw, this guy made sure he’ll never have to leave that chair again!

We’ve all seen those robot vacuums, but why has no one introduced a model for homeowners looking for something edgier? Introducing the sport edition Roomba — now, you can burn rubber and then immediately sweep it back up!

Not all car damage necessarily needs an expensive repair. Fixing a broken headlight can be as easy as taping a bunch of flashlights together and jamming them in the socket. Let’s just hope they stay put…

Not all weeds are ugly — in fact, there are a few that people really love! This garden queen knew how to get her dandelions off her hands, and the best part is that someone else got to enjoy them.

Telling time is about as old as time itself, but this person’s shortcut might be more of a headache than a fix. It’s not quite functional, but, hey, whatever floats their boat! 

Americans are known for supersizing food, but isn’t that bucket made for chicken? Either way, he definitely won’t need another refill for a while…

We can’t tell who’s lazier here: the low-tech parent who couldn’t find the Microsoft Word application or the son who changed her desktop background to help her out.

In this episode of “Was it worth it?” this person went out of their way to Photoshop a flat tire just so they could get out of work. Here’s to their boss for not being able to tell!

Once again, not all auto repairs should break the bank. When this person’s rear window wipers started acting up, they just attached a dust broom and hoped for the best!

There are a ton of specialized kitchen appliances on the market, yet many of them have the same basic function: heating water. This person seems to be using that fact to their advantage! 

In one fell swoop, this guy managed to make bowls and dishwashers extinct. Pretty soon, we’ll all be rocking human feed bags — let’s just hope our washing machines can handle all the extra food-stained clothes.

Lemon water adds subtle flavor and a touch of elegance to what would otherwise be a boring old glass, but you have to actually cut the fruit for its juices to come out!

This one might be better filed under “crafty” because it definitely solves a problem without buying unnecessary things. Next time you lose a sock, save the other one and make yourself a reverse floormat!

It’s definitely important to conserve water whenever you can, but we’re not sure those dishes are even getting clean in there. Let’s just hope he’s not using the clothes iron to grill up some dinner…

We’re not sure how this would do under a good amount of weight, but this sure beats shelling out a couple hundred for a custom motorcycle seat. At least they’re both classic designs!

These people could’ve actually set up the tent properly rather than just sleeping in the center of this collapsed heap, but that would mean having to hammer things into the ground. And when you’re tired from your outdoor adventures, who really wants to work?

It’s pretty awesome that most big box stores provide mobility scooters for their disabled customers. That said, it’s kind of weird that this one also comes with a lazy child attached to the back…

When you’re multitasking, it can be tough to answer the phone. You’ve only got two arms, after all! No wonder there’s an entire market of hands-free devices. Still, this woman has “hacked” the hands-free idea by simply using gravity to hold her phone in place while taking a call. Genius.

You could spend a small fortune to get your nails painted at a fancy pedicure place. Or you could save yourself time and money and do what this clever (and very lazy) woman did before donning her open-toed shoes!

Here’s another person who found a more efficient way to use their smartphone… without using their hands, that is. Even though this guy wasn’t doing anything else, he was still too lazy to hold his phone. Hey, whatever works!

When you work as a security guard, you stand as the first line of defense between the occupants of your building and any potential interlopers. That’s why it’s always good to have a decoy at the ready should the mood to nap strikes you.

Which is lazier: that a person might actually use an escalator that only descends five steps, or the fact that the team designing the mall was like, “Well, we can’t expect people to actually walk here, can we?”

The way in which someone approaches an empty toilet paper roll is the ultimate litmus test when it comes to measuring laziness. Now, this person did make an effort to replace the roll. Tragically, however, that laziness made their efforts unsuccessful.

If we’re going to get literal about it, this doorstep is technically being used for its intended purpose. That said, would it really have hurt so much to actually remove it from its packaging before putting it to work?

Fast food is pretty convenient for hungry people on the go. That said, can you consider this fast food if the wait is so long that someone actually has to take a seat while they wait for their order? More like slow food, if you ask us.

They say that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Maybe that can explain why these fitness fanatics are waiting to take that step until they are actually inside of the fitness center.

You might think of laziness as being a distinctly human vice, but plenty of animals out there share this trait right alongside us. Just take this pooch, who might just be a genius for his nifty (read: lazy) solution for eating out of his food bowl.

Everyone knows what a hassle it is to clean off your car the morning after a big snowstorm, but it’s usually a necessity. Unless you’re this guy, that is! To be fair, he’s not totally lazy—he did clear off a patch so he could actually see.

Not only is this quite possibly the saddest excuse for a headset ever, but it also looks extremely painful. If it isn’t pinching the heck out of his head now, just wait until it snaps when he tries to take it off!

It’s this level of laziness that probably gave us inventions like the ridable lawn mower. That said, not all lazy people can spend money on such luxuries—especially not when they’ve already got a perfectly good golf cart and push-mower!

When you’re a mom, multitasking quickly becomes a part of your life. After all, moms are super women who can handle anything! Except for, you know, riding a Segway while also pushing a baby in a stroller. That just feels like tempting the gods.

Burger King knows that sometimes you’re really, really hungry, but even the thought of doing something as extreme as lifting up your hands to your mouth tires you out. Don’t worry, lazy people, the King’s got you covered!

Either the rapture finally happened and the rest of the world missed it, or the people at this store are so lazy that the concept of walking the extra dozen steps to the cart return was simply too much for them.

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