Massive UK power cut sparks memes

Massive UK power cut sparks memes
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Today, a massive UK power cut took out the electricity across large chunks of England and Wales. As well as robbing people of their precious internet access, British transport systems were also affected by the outage.

As inconvenient and scary as this was, it happened to the British, which means the primary response to it was sarcasm. #PowerCut started trending on Twitter and people jumped onto the apt political parallel that the situation provided.

Some took the chance for a jab at Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Others made jokes about Jacob William Rees-Mogg, leader of the House of Commons.

Brexit, naturally, also came up.

Our obsession with tea got wheeled out.

And the IndyRefers—people who support the referendum on Scottish independence—were back.

So basically, it was a concentrated tag of Britishness. Hopefully, we’ll all get the power back soon.

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