Matt Damon Drinking Too Much While In Lockdown In Ireland?

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Is Matt Damon drinking 10 beers a day while quarantining in Ireland with his family? That’s the claim one tabloid recently made. Gossip Cop looked deep into this story and determined there was nothing true about it.

The Globe claims Damon has been “guzzling up a storm” while stuck quarantining in Dalkey, which is a scenic coastal suburb of Dublin, Ireland. Damon has been self-isolating with his wife, Luciana, and their daughters Isabella, Stella, Gia, and Alexis, who is Luciana’s daughter from an earlier marriage after he arrived there to shot a movie before the world-wide lockdown began.

Since Damon and his family can’t exactly welcome visitors, the Bourne actor has been feeling bored and, as a result the tabloid insists, has been “drowning his sorrows with local brews,” which the outlet insists includes Guinness. This new habit supposedly has “friends fearing he could spiral out of control like best pal and recovering boozer Ben Affleck!”

“Matt says beer is his preferred way to relieve boredom,” an insider tells the publication. “They don’t have a lot of visitors but there is the clerk that delivers his Guinness! Matt’s stock needs constant replenishing.” Damon can down “up to ten a day and doesn’t think anything of it,” according to the so-called “insider.” Damon’s friends back home are starting to worry, since the star allegedly checks in with them after he’s several drinks in. “It’s raising eyebrows among his friends, who don’t think it’s very healthy,” confides the tattler. The outlet then mentioned Damon’s friend, Ben Affleck, who “kicked his booze demons,” which led to the suspicious source to conclude that Damon would “do well to follow Ben’s lead and sober up!”

Gossip Cop looked into this story and came to the conclusion that it was total nonsense. The rumors about Damon’s drinking only came about because he’s currently self-isolating in a country famous for their beer and a random snapshot of Damon lugging around a large SuperValu brand shopping bag that went viral. The tabloid had to be aware of the reaction the viral photo received since they included it in their article. There was much online speculation about what could possibly be in Damon’s obviously well-stuffed bag, with some internet sleuths insisting the movie star had to be carrying a case or two of beer. Damon himself addressed these rumors with SPIN 1038, a local Irish radio station, during an interview.

After being asked about that bag by one of the hosts, Damon answered, “Oh, that bag. I think we just had towels because I was with the kids, we were taking a dip in that water there and so we had towels to dry off with. So I think we just grabbed one of our SuperValu bags and stuffed it with stuff because we didn’t show up with beach bags, so we were just improvising.” Damon jokingly added that there probably “cans in there originally, we just had to take them out to put the beach towels in.” This disreputable tabloid simply took rumors that were circulating around, claimed to have an “insider’s” information, and made everything up.

This wouldn’t be the first time Gossip Cop called the Globe out on their shoddy reporting. Less than six months ago, the supermarket gossip rag claimed Ford v Ferrari costars Matt Damon and Christian Bale hated each other. This couldn’t be further from the truth and the two men have openly fawned over each other while promoting the film.

That same outlet recently reported that Damon’s buddy Ben Affleck was making Ana de Armas uncomfortable with his talk of marriage. This tale was equally false. While de Armas and Affleck are isolating together talk of marriage by anyone is probably premature. Afleck’s own rep denied the report completely. It’s almost as if this tabloid shouldn’t be trusted.

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