Quillette pulls anti-DSA article by mystery Marxist Mets fan ‘Archie Carter’

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Quillette, the favorite website of right-wing intellectuals, published then pulled an article written by “Archie Carter,” a supposedly Marxist-Leninist construction worker with no digital footprint who slammed the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) on Thursday.

In “DSA is Doomed,” union member and pessimistic-despite-the-recent-win-streak New York Mets fan Carter describes his disappointment and disillusion with the emergent democratic socialist movement after attending meetings, which he says he found “dull and uneventful.” 

After recounting reflections made on the events over cocktails and Budweisers with his friends, Carter goes on to complain that the DSA was just “too educated, too privileged, too elitist” and was simply a stage for “the radical posturing of white middle class college kids, plagued with guilt about their own privilege.”

Within the first hour of the article’s publication, however, Twitter conversation was focused more on Carter than his article. 

Using what little information was available on Carter—who in his author bio said he was from Queens and “when he’s not at union meetings, he’s watching the Mets blow a lead”—users began to scour the internet for answers.

After a little fact-checking, The Nation writer Annie Shields found that “there is no record of an ‘Archie Carter’ ever attending an NYC-DSA meeting or event” or Labor Branch meeting.

Some were beginning to suspect that Archie Carter was a pseudonymous reference to 1930s labor organizer from Iowa, while others suggested that it was an amalgamation of fictional blue-collar TV character Archie Bunker and DSA-endorsed Democrat lawmaker Lee Carter.

The mystery over Carter’s identity soon gave way to some Archie Carter memes, as Twitter endorsed the idea that he was merely a caricature.

The meme also spawned a parody account, @ArchieOfQueens.

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