‘The OA’ fans are doing the ‘movements’ to bring the show back to life


The OA is the latest fan favorite canceled by Netflix, but devotees are keeping its spirit alive.

The trending hashtag #TheOAisReal, along with #SaveTheOA, is pushing to try to save the sci-fi series, which saw two seasons before being canceled. A majority of the videos feature people doing the Five Movements, a choreographed dance that can open up other dimensions (and distract school shooters). While some of the interpretations are more humorous, a good number of people express how much the series meant to them or helped them, especially in terms of mental health.

The OA‘s Jason Isaacs also posted a video of himself and co-star Emory Cohen doing the movements, a few days before the cancelation was announced.

This is all happening alongside fevered theories that the show’s cancelation might be a fake-out or part of something bigger, given that season 2 ended on a ridiculously meta cliffhanger.

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