These Kids Have Absolute No Idea How Funny They Really Are

If you think that seeing your child accepting a graduation diploma or walking down the aisle are the biggest pros of having a kid, you’re clearly mistaken. It’s actually the endless laughs you have when raising them that will stay in your memory forever, and for that reason, we have collected a list of hilarious reasons why kids are never boring.

We are certain that these photos will make your day, and they prove that, intentionally or not, a child can become the funniest comedian in just a few seconds. Scroll down to check them out, and vote for your favorite one in the comments!

1. He informed a random guy that his pants are falling down

2. This kid was a fart for Halloween

3. Daughter’s Christmas list

4. She made a card for her dad’s birthday

5. Nice one, kid!

6. This kid drew a fat, middle-aged Batman on a beach

7. They asked preschool children what they wanted to be when they grow up

8. She’s done

9. This kid makes her aunt play operation, and her favorite part is when she dies and they have a funeral for her

10. A toddler was asked to feed the cat

11. She’s watching her big brother get on the bus

12. Barbie house rules

13. Classic

14. A smart kid