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TikTok teen says she’s Ted Bundy’s granddaughter

TikTok teen says she’s Ted Bundy’s granddaughter

A teen on Tik Tok is claiming to be the granddaughter of Carole Ann Boone and serial killer Ted Bundy.

Bundy confessed to the murder of 30 women before his execution in 1989. The murders occurred throughout the 1970s–perhaps even earlier–and spanned across several states. In the months before his execution, he and Boone reportedly managed, on several occasions, to have sex in the visiting room. It was during these visits that Boone and Bundy’s child Rose Bundy was allegedly conceived. Rose, who was born in October 1982, would be 36 years old in 2019. The woman who claims to be her daughter, Ally R. Bragg, announced her connection to the infamous serial killer via TikTok.

Bragg made the claim about her family in a recently uploaded video. The video, while no longer available to view on TikTok, was saved by users and shared to Twitter. The video, which has been viewed by upwards of 2 million people, has garnered split reactions.

“Hey yo, famous relative check,” Bragg says before showing purported unreleased images of the family.

Many people who have viewed the video are criticizing Bragg for outing her alleged mother, who has spent her life attempting to remain hidden. “What could possibly be more 2019 than Ted Bundy’s granddaughter outing her family for tik tok clout,” Twitter user Josh Blevins wrote.

Other users expressed their surprise that Bragg would claim to be related to one of the most notorious serial killers in history.

The most prominent share of the video came from Twitter user @ssdvfa. Following criticism for her choice to further spread the video, @ssdvfa shared screenshots of Bragg’s responses in the comment section of her original video. Among her responses were statements like, “If I hit 10K I will make a video showing yall all the proof yall need and tell y’all why I posted this,” and “My mother go’s (sic) by Rosa.”

Following the video’s virality, many people expressed disbelief that Bragg is actually related to the notorious murderer and began pointing out inaccuracies. “This Ally Bragg’s mother was born June 17, 1977. Rose was born October 24, 1982. Her FB page links to her mother, and you can easily uncover that the birthdates are different,” Twitter user Christopher M. Jones pointed out.

One user even shared screenshots of an alleged conversation with Bragg, in which she admits that the video was intended as a joke. “No it was a joke but some people can’t take a joke,” she said. “But I’m okay I’m just afraid they are gonna go after my parents and shit like I don’t rlly care  for me but it’s a whole other story if they text my parents.”

Whether or not Bragg’s claim is true, most people seem to agree on one thing: Choosing TikTok to out your incognito family is a strange choice.

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