Truth About Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston’s Relationship During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Brad Pitt in a tuxedo on the left, Jennifer Aniston in a black dress on the right in separate photos.

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Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are not back together. Even though the tabloids continuously claim the former couple has rekindled their romance. Most recently, the bogus outlet has invented a narrative that the two are quarantining together during the coronavirus pandemic. Gossip Cop has already busted the tabloids for being wrong a few times about Aniston and Pitt reuniting and breaking up during the current lockdown.

First, Gossip Cop busted Star for falsely claiming Aniston and Pitt were quarantining together at Aniston’s mansion. The unreliable tabloid claimed the former spouses were spending most of their time together with a supposed insider adding, “the whole experience has brought them even closer. They both feel humbled and grateful for everything they have right now, especially each other.” The outlet maintained Pitt still saw his children that he shares with Angelina Jolie, but had minimal contact with anyone else. The two were not spending quarantine together, however, as reps for both Pitt and Aniston denied the story.

Just a week later, Star’s sister publication, the National Enquirer, changed the narrative slightly, claiming Aniston was using her ex-boyfriend, John Mayer as a rebound after Brad Pitt. The dubious outlet claimed that while Pitt was allegedly “tied up with gal pal Alia Shawkat and his ongoing custody battle with Jolie,” Aniston “set her sights” on Mayer. The magazine insisted Aniston and Mayer were spotted together at the Sunset Tower Hotel before the lockdown happened. However, the tabloid’s narrative was off-base. A somewhat more reliable outlet, Page Six, did report that Aniston was seen with Mayer at the Sunset Tower Hotel, but that was back in February. Mutual friends, Amanda Anka and Andy Cohen were also there. Additionally, Gossip Cop has proven countless times that Pitt and Aniston were not back together.

A few weeks later, In Touch claimed Pitt was cheating on Aniston with Shawkat during the lockdown. The bogus tabloid alleged Pitt was having an affair with Shawkat despite having “quietly rekindled his romance” with Aniston. Shawkat was spotted entering Pitt’s gated community which has led the magazine to believe the two were engaging in a romantic relationship. The magazine further maintained the affair had left Pitt “torn” between the two women. While it was apparent that Pitt and Shawkat had become close, more reputable sites such as People magazine, confirmed the two were just friends at the time.

But just a few days after that story came out, the tabloid, Heat, insisted Aniston was jealous of Pitt and Shawkat’s relationship during the pandemic. The publication claimed Pitt’s closeness to Shawkat has left Aniston feeling “insecure” about her relationship with Pitt. A supposed source asserted Aniston was “in the dark” about what was going on between the two it was “getting on Aniston’s” nerves.” The ridiculous story was so over-dramatized it didn’t even need to be corrected. Still, Gossip Cop pointed out how we’ve already corrected the premise that anything was going on between Pitt and Shawkat. Plus, as we’ve stated numerous times, Aniston and Pitt are not back together.

We get that the tabloids aren’t ready to let go of the idea that Aniston and Pitt could reunite. Unfortunately, it’s not likely happening, and the outlets should just leave it alone. Of course, there is no way that will happen.

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