Truth About Meghan Markle’s Secret Flings With Famous Men

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Tabloids love publishing salacious stories about Meghan Markle, but there’s one trend in particular that paints the Duchess of Sussex as a stone cold maneater. Several rumors linking Markle to various famous men have emerged over the years, with one tabloid flat out claiming a paternity test proved Prince Harry wasn’t the father of Markle’s baby. Gossip Cop investigated each of these rumors when they first caught our attention, but now we’re taking a look back to see if our initial judgment was correct.

Months before she wed Prince Harry, the National Enquirer published a report that claimed Markle had “hooked up” with Matt Lauer. The disreputable outlet insisted the two had been “caught in a dressing room hook-up” following Markle’s 2016 appearance on the Today show. A supposed source for the outlet informed the gossip rag, “There was something going on between the two of them.”

Gossip Cop didn’t trust this ridiculous claim for even a moment. Instead, we reached out to our trusted source in Kensington Palace, who couldn’t speak on the record, but assured us there was zero truth to this story. This source also informed us that a Kensington Palace attorney had already reached out to this outlet over concerns about its inaccurate report, but the tabloid chose to run with their bogus story anyway.

A year later, NW claimed George Clooney and Meghan Markle had a secret fling. Clooney had recently stood up for the Duchess of Sussex, calling her “a really kind and smart and intelligent young woman” who was being unfairly “vilified” by the press. The publication couldn’t think of a single reason why Clooney would stick up for her, so they speculated that the two used to date.

“George and Meghan are great friends, but the way that he’s so publicly stood up for her recently makes it seem like they could have some kind of a past,” an alleged “insider” told the magazine. The so-called source adds, “After all, Meg would be exactly George’s type. She’s beautiful and wants to make the world a better place. Plus, she goes after what she wants. She wouldn’t have been afraid to make a move on George when they were both single!” Gossip Cop had no trouble finding plenty of evidence to prove this rumor false.

The article was vague about when Clooney and Markle first met on purpose because the only reason Markle knows the Oceans 11 actor is because of her relationship with Prince Harry. Clooney and Prince Harry have been good friends since they met while both working on philanthropic projects. The Duke of Sussex introduced his future wife to Clooney once they began to get serious. Markle never had a fling with Clooney, secret or otherwise.

Then came an explosive report from the Globe, which claimed a paternity test was done while Markle was pregnant and revealed that Prince Harry was not the father of her baby. The often debunked tabloid claimed a “DNA test using amniotic fluid, routinely performed on royal babies, revealed the redhead is NOT the child’s daddy.” There was no word on who the possible baby daddy was, but a so-called “high-level palace source” maintained Prince Harry turned ghastly white” when he heard the news and “Meghan burst into tears as she stammered, ‘This is impossible. It can’t be true.’”

Gossip Cop knew better than to trust this particular outlet, as they’d already gotten so many stories about the royal couple wrong. Prince Harry is indeed the biological father of his son, Archie. This disreputable outlet merely meant to attract readers with an outrageous claim.

Finally, George Clooney makes another appearance on this list because earlier this year, New Idea accused the actor of cheating on his wife, Amal, with Meghan Markle. Though the cover of the gossip magazine claimed Clooney and Markle had blindsided their respective partners with an affair, the outlet quickly backtracks on that assertion inside the article itself. Instead of an outright affair, Clooney’s “close friendship” with Markle supposedly caused a crisis in his marriage.

Gossip Cop determined this story was also false. The obvious bait-and-switch from the cover proved that the magazine had zero evidence to back up their salacious claims. In reality, the only truth here was the fact that this tabloid was not above using underhanded methods to entice readers.

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