Researchers Say There’s Evidence That Could Prove Many Biblical Events Actually Took Place

These plagues included a bloody river, now believed to be caused by red algae, and an onslaught of frogs, lice, and locusts, now believed to be attracted to the scene because of the algae.

10. The explanations for the plagues don’t stop there! Lice carry malaria, and that would have killed cows but not before causing boils to erupt on them. Speaking of eruptions, the plague of fire raining from the sky likely came from a nearby volcano!

11. The parting of the Red Sea: In the Bible, Moses leads his people out of Egypt by beseeching God to part the Red Sea for them. They walk right through the sea while the Egyptians are drowned. Scientists speculate that a breeze of up to 60mph could have parted a sea like the Sea of Reeds, which is believed to be the Red Sea.

12. King David: According to the Bible, King David was one of three kings who ruled over a united Israel. For years people speculated about his existence until a statue called the Tel Dan Stele was uncovered that directly references the “house of David.” Pretty cool!

13. Nazareth: For years, people speculated that the town where Jesus was from, Nazareth, did not exist as a place where people lived during his time. However in 2001, archeologists uncovered bowls, baskets, and tools from the 1st century that seem to indicate that people did live there!

14. Pontius Pilate: In the Bible, Pilate is the Roman who authorizes the murder of Jesus. His existence was finally established as fact in 1971 with the discovery of the “Pilate Stone” and what was written upon it…

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