Researchers Say There’s Evidence That Could Prove Many Biblical Events Actually Took Place

This tablet discovered during an archaeological dig read: “Pontius Pilate, prefect of Judaea, has made this Tiberieum and dedicated it to the Augustan gods,” proving that Pilate the man did exist.

15. King Herod’s tomb: In the New Testament, King Herod wiped out as many infants as he could in a bid to destroy the infant Jesus. In history, Flavius Joseph recorded details about Herod’s actual funeral, and details from that account matched with this tomb, found in 2007, which is believed to contain Herod’s remains.

16. The prophet Isaiah: The existence of this Bible writer was unable to be proven until an an archaeological dig made an amazing discovery. They found a seal with the words “Yesha‘yahu,” and “Nvy” which translate to mean “Isaiah, prophet.”

17. Caiaphas: In the New Testament, Caiaphas was known for being the high priest who had Jesus arrested for blasphemy. In 1990, a truck in Jerusalem backed into an old building site which revealed the remains of a man named Caiaphas from about the same period in the time as the New Testament.

While several mysteries in the Bible might be impossible to prove, the evidence surrounding these other items is pretty compelling. Who knows what else will be discovered with time?

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