10 Halloween Doormats That Will Give Guests A Spirited Welcome

The best way to greet trick-or-treaters is costumed and with a bowl full of candy. But the next best way is with some stellar Halloween decor, which includes a themed doormat that’s been rolled out to welcome all the ghosts and goblins that show up on your doorstep (as well as your friends and family).

Over the past few years, an increasing number of households have been decorating their homes for Halloween. According to a 2022 survey from home services website Angi, nearly half of Halloween decorators spend three to six hours getting their home ready for the Oct. 31 holiday.

Whether you’re going all out to create a haunted house or just want to add a little fun to your front door, a doormat gives your front steps a quick and festive transformation. Amazon is stocked with a fun selection of seasonal doormats that range from cute and whimsical to spooky and scary. Here’s 10 of the best Halloween-themed doormats you can find on Amazon.

Ouija Board Welcome Mat for Front Door ($24.99) 



Would you freak out if you noticed the Ouija Board doormat has been moving around your front porch? Or would you just blame someone’s foot for making it move? Inspired by the Ouija Board, a 19th century invention believed to let the living communicate with spirits, this mat has the board’s iconic numbers, letters and “yes” and “no” sections. It’s weather-resistant and made with natural coir fiber. And why remove it come Nov. 1? “Absolutely love it! My year-round Halloween doormat” one Amazon reviewer says.

Not All Witches Live in Salem Rug ($20.99)



Start some rumors on the Nextdoor app with this Not All Witches Live in Salem rug. No matter if you’re a wicked witch of the West or the East (or somewhere in between), it’s suitable for indoors or outdoors and is easy to clean.

Definitely Not a Trap Door Door Mat ($37.99)



Your guests probably didn’t assume you had a trap door … until now. Go ahead, watch them from your Ring doorbell as they peel up the “Definitely Not a Trap Door” door mat to see if there’s any hidden hijinks awaiting.”Works great and gets a laugh,” one Amazon reviewer wrote.

Ghosts Door Mat ($29.99)



Who said ghosts can’t be cute? The little ones on this bootiful ghost doormat look as though they’ve wandered over from a Pac-Man arcade game and ended up on your front door. Unlike the other door mats on this round-up, this one is from a small business that’s selling on Amazon.

Hello Pumpkin Door Mat ($37.99)



The cursive Hello Pumpkin door mat has a sweet, succinct and seasonal message on it to greet your guests. One Amazon reviewer mentioned that she placed it on top of a larger black buffalo plaid mat for a layered seasonal look. For a similar look, you could layer any of your mats over this black-and-white-striped rectangular mat.

Horror Movie Halloween Doormat With 3-D Illusion ($19.99)



With a 3-D illusion, this horror movie-inspired door mat just may be what you need to stop the solicitors from coming around. The pattern makes it look as though you’re staring into a black hole with a slasher coming out of it. “Great little add on to my Halloween decor,” one Amazon reviewer wrote.

Buffalo Plaid Halloween Door Mat ($15.99)



If there were an award for best-dressed doors, one with this Halloween buffalo plaid door mat would be a solid contender. The orange and black mat comes with a cast of Halloween characters and would look great alongside the pumpkins you’ve hauled home from the patch and other seasonal accents like orange mums or whimsical witch brooms.

Roszwtit Store’s Halloween Doormat ($29.99)



No bones about it! This skeleton Halloween door mat will add some seasonal flair to your door step. The mat is “perfect for spooky season,” one Amazon reviewer wrote.

Trick or Treat Rugs Happy Halloween Door Mat ($21.99)



Here’s a challenge: How many classic Halloween icons can you spot on this trick or treat door mat? From a witch stirring the pot to a spider web and a black cat, the colorful door mat nails the Halloween aesthetic.

Comott Halloween Mat ($26.99)



Freddy, Jason, Chucky, Pennywise … the perfect place for scary movie antagonists? Locked outside of your home of course! For the horror movie aficionados, this Halloween-themed mat is like the varsity squad of scary movies.

Which door mat best fits into our Halloween decor?