Details From Jeff Goldblum’s Past Expose Another Side Of The Actor’s Life

Sporting a decades-long résumé and smoldering eyes that go for miles, Jeff Goldblum was a Hollywood star unlike any other, with lead roles in blockbusters like Jurassic Park and Independence Day. His intelligence, striking looks, and wry sense of humor captivated audiences worldwide, but what’s behind those eyes might surprise you. Goldblum was born on … Read more

Rare Facts About Tony Curtis Are Exposing A Side The Public Hasn’t Seen

Tony Curtis’ baby blue eyes and charming demeanor made for a straight shot up the Hollywood ladder soon after pursuing his silver-screen dreams. Throughout the ’50s, there wasn’t a woman who didn’t know his name or a movie-goer who didn’t look forward to his onscreen presence. However, even though there was plenty for Curtis to … Read more

Photos Of Montgomery Clift Are Exposing A Side The Public Hasn’t Seen

Broadway star turned Hollywood heartthrob Montgomery Clift had a formidable career and his fair share of secrets. Amongst those were Clift’s sexuality and his history of abuse, issues he’d battle with until his death. But while many accounts tell of a star ashamed of his true identity, new information about the actor’s private life tells … Read more

The Curious History Of Debutante Balls That Most People Never Knew About

When you think “debutante ball,” several images probably spring to mind: fancy ballrooms, princess-like girls wearing gowns, white gloves and waltzing. These are all accurate, but they’re not nearly the whole story. Debutante balls, and the girls who participate in them, are far more complex. The events look innocent enough on the surface. Etiquette and … Read more

Little-Known Facts About Helen Hunt That Are Showing A Side The Public Hasn’t Seen

Helen Hunt has a long, illustrious Hollywood career. She’s been in everything from medical TV dramas to Oscar-winning movies to stage productions of Shakespeare plays. No matter the genre, Helen is a strong presence. You may know her from Mad About You or Twister, but she’s left her mark all over popular culture. Though she’s … Read more

Terminally Ill 15-Year-Old Makes Decision That Leaves His Parents Reeling

Buckle up for tears on this one, folks: This 15-year-old’s story involves a potentially-terminal diagnosis, a fight for hope, and an incredible community. Coleman Medcoff was struggling through a tough situation with a lot of grace. Family and friends were stunned at the young teen’s resilience and inspired by his intent to do something remarkable. … Read more

Photos From Russell Crowe’s Past Expose Another Side Of The Actor’s Life

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Few contemporary actors can match the award-winning success of Russell Crowe. The powerhouse actor from New Zealand is most known for his dramatic roles in Gladiator or A Beautiful Mind, but more recently, Russell has entered the news cycle for his scandalous off-screen behavior. Not many people know the real Russell, but his tumultuous life … Read more