10 Things We Can Learn From The Japanese About How To Live A Balanced Life

You probably read about the Japanese fans in July 2018, when they stayed to clean up the stadium after their World Cup games. They tried to cope with their disappointment after their loss to Belgium by collecting rubbish at the Rostov Arena in Russia, where the game was held. However, this is not the first time the Japanese fans had cleaned up stadiums after games, as they regularly show the rest of the world just how important it is for everyone to keep their community clean. And yet, this is not the only lesson that the Japanese can teach us, as we have so much to learn from this amazing culture!

We have studied a number of principles that the Japanese follow, and you can check out just how these principles influence their lives below.

10. Follow the rules

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9. Keep our planet clean

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8. Seek harmony in everything

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7. Take responsibility for your actions

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6. Have fun like nobody’s watching

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5. Always be polite!

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4. Devote at list 1 minute per day to something you want to get better at

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3. Make the most of what you have

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2. See the beauty in everything

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1. Make sure to relax before you get stressed

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