12 People That Forgot Something Really Important And Faced Awful Yet Hilarious Consequences

Sometimes we all have occasional brain-freezes, and with so many things drawing our attention-strings, it’s no wonder why. Distractions just happen, and important things that we were supposed to remember just get lost somewhere out there.

We have compiled a list of times when a crucial detail was forgotten, and the results are nothing short of hilarious. Check out what we’re talking about below, and vote for your favorite ones in the comments!

1. This guy worked at a dog daycare, and he used to bring his own dog with him. However, one day he forgot his dog at work, and this is what his boss sent him.

2. When you’re running late for work, but you forgot to feed someone.

3. Hmmm, something seems off here, right?

4. This guy went to Wendy’s and realized that he had forgotten his wallet at the window. Rafael, the worker, paid for his order by his own pocket and told him: Good Samaritans still exist.

5. They forgot to tell the cat they’re having a baby.

6. When you forget your work badge at home.

7. She forgot her razor, but not the refills.

8. He forgot the leash for the dog, so this is how he walked him.

9. Just act natural, no one will notice.

10. This guy forgot his girlfriend was on his shoulders.

11. He forgot he had an appointment with the dentist, so he didn’t have time to change.

12. Grandpa had hung his skates on a tree when he was younger. This is how he found them years later.