20 Comparison Photos That Are Making Us Laugh, Cry, And Shake Our Heads

It can be wild to realize how much our world changes over time, but the photographic proof is undeniable. Our eyes often want to perceive two different things as, well, different. However, you’ll see with these eye-popping pictures that drastic changes can make for an entertaining — and sometimes baffling — experience!

Here’s what happens when you get Fido all hopped up on kibbles and then send him over to his friend’s yard to play after a rainstorm. Looks like someone needs the power wash treatment!

The staircase on the left is centuries old, and that wear and tear is from only foot traffic over the years. It’s amazing to think how many people walked up and down them.

Believe it or not, both of the kids in this photo are 13 years old! When puberty comes knocking, you better buckle up and get ready for a growth spurt like no other.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have for you the world’s smallest computer saddled up next to a grain of rice! That’s right, technology is absurd. You probably wouldn’t want that machine in your home office, however.

This young lad on the left is getting ready for his first day of elementary school. The same man is standing on the right after finally completing teacher training. You deserve that confident wave, buddy.

Not that long ago, you needed everything in the top photo to peruse the Internet, listen to music, make calls, and video record. Now, all of its done on a pocket-sized rectangle.

No one wants to walk out their back door and see a yard that looks like the photo on top. But, with some hard work and a lot of time, anyone can make their backyard a great place to lounge.

This is a photo of a tree before the change of leaves during the fall and then after. But, incredibly, the pictures were only snapped 11 days apart! Fall swooped in fast and did some serious work here.

This is one of the most ridiculous amounts of snow ever! Check out how tall that sign is compared to the snowboarder on the left side. After the storm, the guy could touch it!

In 2013, a brutal winter ice storm hit this lighthouse. It was battered over and over by massive freezing waves until the end result was something straight out of the movie Frozen.

Look at the size of that dolphin brain! It’s no wonder scientists say they’re nearly as smart as humans. It’s also why sharks often lose when dolphins challenge them to an aquatic game of wits.

How mad would you be looking back on your wedding photo only to realize your wife was way more stoked on the day she met Rob Lowe. But honestly, who wouldn’t be?

These are three jars of honey harvested from the exact same hive at different times throughout the year. It makes you wonder how different they taste. It seems like the stuff on the right would be way richer in flavor.

This adorable baby hummingbird is barely the size of a raspberry. And, funny enough, as the bird’s nestled in the palm of this hand, it assumes the shape of the fruit too!

The man on the left is the grandfather of the man on the right, and the pictures were taken 70 years apart. Not only is their physical resemblance uncanny, but they’re both studying in medical school.

This photo was taken on Valentine’s Day. The first guy in line is doing things the right way: flowers and pink cupcakes for the spouse. The guy behind him, buying whiskey and fried chicken, either had the best date ever planned or no date at all.

The Kokonoe “Yume” Grand Suspension Bridge in Japan has a diagram showing visitors just how high in the air they are. If you look closely you realize the bridge even looms over Godzilla! Now people know where to go if he attacks again.

This is the work of the greatest meal-prepper our world has ever seen. All that chaotic mess in the photo above broke down perfectly into a week’s worth of food. The massive effort was totally worth the reward.

“Not amused” is exactly what this cat’s face says. Someone watching The Lion King wanted to reenact that classic scene where Simba gets lifted up on Pride Rock, but this guy isn’t feeling the same enthusiasm.

The best comparison photos show you a side of everyday life that you’ve never considered before. This handful of what looks like colorful plastic bread-bag ties is actually a cross section of a bundle of telephone wires. Those bits of plastic and metal are what allow us to make landline calls.

Phonelink Installations

Even people who hate bugs would probably feel comfortable around caterpillars. However, this gigantic green creepy crawly would make the bravest soul scream if it crawled across their shoulder. This 5-inch creature is aptly called a hickory horned devil.

Reddit / Sh3dinja

Spotting an eagle makes for an exciting moment in any afternoon, as long as they stay at a distance. This image shows you how gnarly it could get if you ever found yourself on an eagle’s bad side.

Reddit / ItsMoJam

At 7’7’’ and 5’3’’, Manute Bol and Muggsy Bogues had the most noticeable height gap of any players in NBA history. They were teammates on the Washington Bullets in 1987 and proved height isn’t a determining factor for basketball excellence.

Getty Images / Focus On Sport / Contributor

If you need a reminder of the sheer wonder of the Great Pyramids, you only need to see a person stand right at the base. The Great Pyramid of Giza is composed of 2,300,000 individual limestone and granite blocks.

Getty Images / Matt Champlin

Well, he’s certainly much bigger than the back of the penny makes it seem. For those of us who haven’t visited the Lincoln Memorial, it comes as a surprise that the Honest Abe statue is larger than life. If he could stand, he’d be 28 feet tall.

Getty Images / Mark Wilson / Staff

Forever worry about the safety of your feet now that you know the lion’s mane jellyfish is lurking in many of the world’s oceans. To make matters worse, they hang out in the shallows and can grow up to 120 feet long.

Meath Chronicle

Usain Bolt might exist in a parallel universe where time functions differently. There’s several finish line photos where he’s several body lengths in front of his competitors, all while grinning and breaking his runner’s form. These snapshots make his speed appear easy, when it’s anything but.

Getty Images / Cameron Spencer / Staff

Michelangelo’s David is regarded as one of the most masterful artworks ever created, and for good reason. This guy is 17 solid feet of marble, carved expertly in the 16th century, back when the scaffolding and every other aspect of life was much less stable.

Getty Images / Stuart C. Wilson / Stringer

If you thought a hermit crab pinch was unpleasant, stay clear of the coconut crab. They have the same amount of power in their pincers as a lion’s jaw.

Nope, that’s not a very convincing Halloween decoration. It’s a bat that’s so unbelievably gigantic that they named it after a much larger animal by calling it the giant golden-crowned flying fox. 

Twitter / Welcomet0nature

Believe it or not, these two dogs are of the same breed. The little scrappy pup grew up to look just like his goliath dad, a full-grown Tibetan Mastiff. It may resemble a lion, but these cuddly giants are patient and good-tempered. 

Instagram / Venicetibetanmastiff

Even the most mammoth human hearts pale in comparison to the ticker of the great blue whale. This to-scale diagram shows how several people could comfortably fit in there and still have room to spare.

Reddit / Woahdude

Australia is home to several animals that exist primarily in theory to people who’ll never visit. Wombats are imagined as tiny cute critters, but the truth is, while very cuddly, they grow big, heavy and larger than some dogs.

Facebook / Patrick the Wombat

It’s a colossus of a saltwater crocodile, make no mistake about it. However, this photo does mess with perspective, since the croc is closer to the lens.

Reddit / _Waffleiron

Trigger warning for the people who like to condense their small bills. This is the crazy reality of what ten thousand dollars in $1 bills contrasted against the same amount in $100 dollar bills.

Reddit / Zombienm

The Easter Bunny doesn’t seem that farfetched in comparison to this Flemish Giant Rabbit. If you can handle an arm’s full, these fluffy angels make wonderful patient pets. Plus, they’re lighter than they look, at the most about 22 lbs.

Twitter / Natureslover_s

A washed-up tree in Washington state might be the largest piece of driftwood ever. The sight of it tells a tale of extreme age, where it grew from a seedling, fell into the ocean, and was pushed by waves to shore.

Earth Science Picture of the Day / Phillip Lachman

Pumba is much more intimidating in real life. Yep, this is a wild boar looking for snacks in a Chinese trash can. Grubs can only satiate hunger for so long, and this big mama has two baby piggies to feed.

ABC 13

It’s a good day when the fire department has no emergencies to attend. It’s even better when they’re so bored, they take all their equipment out of the truck for a flat-lay, as was called for in a viral emergency-services trend in 2019.

ville_de_geneve / Instagram

When wrestling star and The Princess Bride icon André Roussimoff traveled by plane, he had to buy two seats. Flight attendants from the time agree he was a really pleasant guy.

RollTideGaming / Reddit

You’d think a massive warship like this one would have an equally massive hull, but it turns out this unique design — called a trimaran hull — enables the ship to maneuver quickly in the shallower waters close to land.

Crowe410 / Reddit

This photo, taken near the Strawberry Fields memorial in Central Park, shows the striking split between a metropolitan cityscape and the biggest green space in the Big Apple. In a city renowned for its skyscrapers, a view with trees is priceless.

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but not one of them wants to come near a shark. Fish work together in schools like these, moving like a current to coordinate safety from predators.

Lowcrbnaman / Reddit

CT scan machines look smooth and streamlined on the outside, but don’t be fooled. When repairs are needed, the outer shell comes off to reveal a mind-boggling matrix of wires, fans, and other circuitry.

Adderall / Reddit

This looks like it could be the hub of NASA’s mission operations, or even a futuristic movie set, but it’s really the traffic control center in Beijing, China. The black-and-white image on the screen is zoomed-in on the Yangfangdian district of the massive city.

ThatsJustYourOpinionMan / Reddit

Often called “road printers”, these bricklaying machines allow a for more efficient assembly process. Instead of having to bend over on hands and knees in the sun, bricklayers can stay standing and place bricks right in front of them, letting the machine do the rest.

lordsleepyhead / Reddit

This isn’t the inside of a toilet paper roll — it’s actually the hollow interior of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The tower was constructed as a bell tower, and the emptiness on the inside would allow the bells to reverberate and be amplified.

Wicked_Aviator / Reddit

This long-distance photo, taken by one of NASA’s satellites, shows a U.S. space shuttle blasting through Earth’s cloud layer on its departure to orbit. A space launch is a momentous event for humans, but on the grand scale of the universe, it’s tiny.


Golf balls can be filled with a variety of materials, all of which react a certain way to a golfer’s swing, the spin they put on the ball, and the speed at which the ball is hit.

What’s Inside? / YouTube

Never underestimate the power of the sea. This giant sequoia tree washed up as driftwood on a beach, and with that adult human for scale, we figure it must’ve been a pretty strong tide.

9w_lf9 / Reddit

If you find yourself in Juneau, Alaska, make a day trip to the Mendenhall Glacier. You’ll be able to hike up inside it and see these overhead formations where the ice was carved away by rocks as it crept down the mountain.

Travoli / Reddit

Those gigantic cables that keep the Golden Gate Bridge from crashing down into the waters of San Francisco are actually made up of thousands of individual steel wires, making it more difficult for the bridge’s suspension to fail.

jaykirsch / Reddit

Unless you’re a koi or a goldfish, you’ve likely never seen the underside of a lily pad. This one is flipped over as part of a botanic exhibit, allowing visitors to see all the veins that deliver carbon dioxide to keep the plant healthy.

Hotbreadsy / Reddit

We don’t recommend slicing and dicing your family heirloom necklace, but if for whatever reason it must be done for science, you’ll get an interesting look at how an oyster protects itself by coating any invasive debris particles with layers of nacre, or mother-of-pearl.

thegodofbigthings / Reddit

When you go out to a night at the theater, the actors up on stage look like they’re performing in a little box. From backstage, where the magic happens, it’s the other way around.

kiaall / Reddit

How a pool table returns all the pocketed balls so quickly has been a mystery to many, but no longer. Underneath the felt top, the pockets are connected by a series of inclined planes, all carefully arranged to make sure lost balls don’t get stuck.

Duckman296 / Reddit

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