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20 Hilarious Pictures Of Mistakes And Acts Of Rebellion In The Workplace

20 Hilarious Pictures Of Mistakes And Acts Of Rebellion In The Workplace

In order to pay your bills and keep a roof over your head, you need to get a job. In an ideal world, every person reporting for duty would be thrilled to be there, but as we all know full well, that isn’t always the case.

Whether these 20 photos show silly mistakes or the work of people who are just 100% over it, something definitely isn’t right. Hopefully for you these are great examples of what NOT to do while on the clock, or you probably won’t be employed for much longer…

1. “SOTP in the name of love!” This simple spelling error seems like an excellent excuse to get out of a ticket. And while we’re here, that sign looks oddly close to the ground, doesn’t it?

2. Either this person’s parents were really lazy, or the person in charge of the banner was. Let’s hope for this guy that it’s the latter because a name like that would definitely raise some confusion.

3. Sleeping at work was probably not on this person’s to-do list today. Almost all of us have dozed off at our desk for a few seconds, but this tired employee took it to a whole new level.

4. Forget about the crowded room full of clients who are waiting, a good solitaire game takes priority! This employee must be a slow player judging by the long line and exhausted expression of the customer in front.

5. This complete dismissal of instructions could have happened due to poor English reading skills, or just a very strong urge to stack these boxes despite the obvious warning signs.

6. Some people may like to go number 2 in public, but most people don’t. This door is covering a urinal but fails to provide any privacy for the regular toilet. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

7. Wait… WHO is dead? The names may sound similar, but there is a big difference between an American president and a globally-known terrorist. One letter mix-up really can cause a great deal of confusion.

8. We have to admire their dedication: even after a car crash, that pizza is making it to the hungry customers. Whether the toppings are still in place is another question.

9. It is unclear whether this mail person is texting or snoozing, but that is definitely NOT the purpose of a mailbox. At least this is a good excuse for when your rent check is late (again).

10. This sign seems a bit hypocritical. It certainly contains a positive message for the drivers, but it still might cause an accident or two when cyclists are forced to swerve straight into traffic. Ouch!

11. Nothing says “not my problem” more than these road stripes going straight over this parked car. The owner must have seriously ticked off the person in charge of painting this road. It looks pretty stylish though!

12. These knives may come in handy when preparing school lunches, but to call them “Back To School” items is a tad far-fetched.

13. Although “Long yellow things” is technically accurate, these could have just been labeled “Bananas”. Was this grocery store employee having a blond moment or were they just messing with their customers?

14. If you’re confused while looking at this photo, imagine how confused we would all be if we tried to find a parking spot in this lot. There are sure to be plenty of accidents and insurance claims in the near future.

15. No matter what is in those tanks… this can’t be safe. There is a reason we can’t bring aerosol cans on a plane: one loose spark could cause an explosion, taking the last of this welder’s hair. Let’s hope that whoever snapped this photo gave him a fair warning.

16. Okay, package wrap does not make for a stable foundation, and should only be used to wrap… well, packages.

17. There seems to be something wrong with this model’s anatomy. Hanging a billboard from the top of a building is no easy task, but surely someone should have caught this.

18. Is this a Scottish restroom for kilts? Although men can wear skirts in many cultures, this figure is not often used to indicate a men’s room. Did the “W” and “O” fall off? You can only find out by going inside (if you dare).

19. This mistake may not have many consequences, but it will annoy any perfectionist to death. Maybe next time this job should be left to someone who isn’t colorblind, or a practical joker.

20. Now that doesn’t really feel right, does it? We should all strive to give 100% at work, especially when it will be seen by everyone who passes your establishment.

Hopefully, these employees have learned their lesson. It’s always better to come to work with a clear head and a positive attitude.

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