20 Ridiculous Parking Fails That Are Giving Us Secondhand Road Rage

One way to spot a bad driver is to look at their parking skills. Granted, parallel parking or backing into a spot aren’t the easiest tasks to master; however, there are drivers out there that can barely pull into a space the old-fashioned way. These are of some of the most shameful parking jobs ever captured on photo, so if you see yourself in some of these idle vehicle disasters, please, consider taking some lessons.

Looking under the hood couldn’t possibly help out in this situation. Either this mishap is the result of some really poor tide estimation, or this truck was deliberately parked in a lake. Both scenarios don’t say much for the driver’s intelligence.

After arguing over who gets to park in the garage or the driveway, things took an unexpected turn. The logistics of parking on the roof are too complicated to imagine, so we’re guessing this car learned to fly.

Parallel parking is a skill most of us never fully master. Even still, the worst parkers among us should put forth a better effort than this. Nearly half the caboose is sticking out into the street!

Barbara was running late to the boating event so she said, what the heck, let’s try and jump it! Nobody had a negative word to say about her lateness when she debuted this classic park job.

This driver dared to park outside the lines! Unfortunately, that blocked off three full spaces that other people could’ve used. So, maybe they fulfilled their inner rebel, but they were really inconsiderate in the process.

Big wheels are built to handle big rocks. However, this looks foolish for any kind of vehicle to attempt. Impressing people with your off-road skills isn’t worth the damage of parking with such risk.

Instead of taking the stairs, this lazy guy decided to drive down a few flights! Honestly, if you can figure out how to get your car inside a building, let alone in a stairwell, then give it a whirl!

The brick wall in front of your car might be closer than it appears. Sadly, making the grill of your car kiss the wall isn’t a fail-safe parking rule. There could be a ditch, so, drivers, actually use your eyes!

If you’re not paying attention when you leave a parking lot, you could miss the proper exit and fly over the curb. Instead, you might try following this driver’s lead and immediately slam your car into park mid-lurch.

Sometimes a car is parked for so long that it begins to sprout weeds. And other times people repurpose an old car in a creative way. In this case, it’s definitely the latter, but it’s still clogging up good parking space.

Don’t trust a driver who plows over a tree. That’s a good rule to live by. If they can strike down a tree and keep going on about their day, that’s one unpredictable individual.

What an entrance! Nothing says “I’m excited to be here” quite like smashing your car straight through a wall. It’s a great way to be the most memorable person at a party, and the worst way to treat your vehicle.

Be honest. Is this spot too tight? It’s certainly a tough call to make, but we’re thinking there might not be enough room for any of these cars to open their doors.

By the look of these open doors, it almost feels like this parking job was intentional. Like the driver would say, “Everyone, climb out! We’re here!” without any concern for the chaotic scene of crash landing on a fountain.

Ever wondered why no one takes advantage of those covered cart ports in so many parking lots? Sometimes they have carts underneath them, though, if you just drag them all out, your car fits in there nice and snug!

Spacial awareness is something this driver needs to practice, but hey, they nearly made it! With a bit of practice, one day they might actually get their entire car in the parking spot.

Kurt must’ve taken several wrong turns at the boat launch and confused himself into thinking he could drive straight over a couple of boats. Sorry, man, you can’t keep your truck there, and you’re about to get sued.

In certain areas, driveways are a rare luxury, so people tend to do whatever it takes to cram their car wherever they can fit it. Forget yard space, this person squeezed their car right up to the front of their home.

So many questions to ask here, but primarily, what’s going on with that piece of wood? Hopefully, that little board was supposed to serve an excuse not to park on the grass.

When you’re in a parking garage, the columns and lines can be a doozy to navigate. It’s better to park and walk around your car to make sure you’re not butting into another spot, as this person failed to do.

The owner of the white van put a own “no parking” sign behind his vehicle. Then, the Smart car owner ignored it and parked there anyway, which they were actually legally allowed to do. But crazy van driver took matters into his own hands and built a wooden cage around the car.


We think the obnoxious driver behind this ridiculous piece of parking got off lightly. After all, he was parked directly in the middle of two spaces. Somewhat nicely, then, someone drew them their own personalized lines in chalk. It’s not so much furious revenge as goofy prank.

Business 2 Community

Here’s an example of arrogant parking from a Mercedes driver. Still, they paid the price for dumping their car diagonally across a few spaces. Indeed, that shiny red auto was covered in trash and caution tape and topped off with traffic cones. The smiley face in the back window just made it all the better.


The residents of Exarchia in Athens, Greece, took an unusually extreme approach to a badly parked car that was stopping buses passing down the street. Yes, they just flipped the car over. That’s right; flipped it over. Word to the wise, then: don’t cross Greek pedestrians.


Parking lot revenge can be taken to a whole new level when you’ve got a forklift at your disposal. In fact, this illegal parker had his car carefully placed on top of a metal cage. Of course, someone who’s got potential anger issues shouldn’t really be in charge of driving a forklift, but we’ll let this one fly.


This cyclist picked the wrong driver to mess with. Indeed, literally throwing a bike into a tree is a sure sign of some kind of serious rage issues. But hey, it’s a total riot for us humble internet observers.


At this office parking lot, you park over the line at your own risk. After all, one of your completely insane co-workers might exact their revenge in Saran wrap. Incidentally, the note on the window, translated from Spanish, apparently explained that the car was sealed because it didn’t “obey boundary conditions” and violated “the law of Maxwell.” Say what?


Uh-oh, someone’s been at the chalk again! This revenge took place at a Texas high school, so perhaps the avenger was a teacher or pupil? Whatever, it’s an honest and direct act against a fool who parked their truck over four spaces. And it’s colorful, which is always a bonus.


The driver of this old-school Mercedes had the nerve to park in front of a fire hydrant. Clearly they weren’t put off by the prospect of getting a ticket or having their car towed. However, it seems that there was an actual emergency, and fire officers had to smash the car’s windows and pull the hose through. Damn.


Taking passive aggression to a thrilling new level, this exacerbated homeowner took it upon himself to pen a note to the offending driver. His words dripping in sarcasm, the guy helpfully explained how to park, what a curb is and what driveways look like. He even threw in some advice on how to shower. How thoughtful.


Here we have a multi-sided attack from five infuriated drivers coordinating their parking lot revenge! That’s the best kind of revenge, obviously. Yes, this careless driver thought they could haphazardly abandon their car across several spaces, so an angry mob blocked them in. Ah, the benefits of teamwork.

The Inquisitr

Tom from Cleveland wrote, “In the parking garage of my apartment building, some B parked in assigned spot 144, which belonged to another B, who then covered B1’s Jeep in harshly-worded notes on multi-colored construction paper.” We think she got the message… Er, all six of ’em.


We may never know exactly what the offending driver did to deserve such extreme treatment. After all, it seems that bad parking really does bring out the aggressive side in people. But hey, at least they were promoting safe sex, so it can’t be all bad.


The owner of this sports car had to face the wrath of an entire neighborhood when he blocked the entrance to their district in Shanghai for 14 hours. In fact, they exacted their revenge by throwing eggs, noodles and paint all over the Porsche. The driver also had to pay a fine.


These Brazilian passers-by obviously agreed that there’s a special place in hell for people who needlessly park in disabled spaces. In fact, they smothered a whole car in blue and white Post-it notes, which created a disabled sign, to punish this obnoxious parker. Social justice and a pretty cool work of art rolled into one!

YouTube/Huffpost Ltd

A vengeful note that manages to reference the classic Mike Judge movie Office Space? That’s winning all the parking lot awards in our book. Yes, Gary Cole’s hilarious turn as unbearable micromanaging boss Bill was immortalized on a car windscreen.

Pinterest/run, janelle, run!

This looks like a beautiful piece of modern art. Park in the wrong place at this grocery store, then, and a perfectly constructed metal maze of supermarket carts will trap you inside. That’s going to be a real nuisance to get out of.

22 Words

So, some offices deal with bad parking with Saran wrap. But other companies “punish” obnoxious drivers by having a full-blown party in their car. Come on, who wouldn’t want a vehicle stuffed to the brim with balloons?

Business 2 Community

Let’s hope the motorcycle owner only left his bike there for the picture. After all, the car’s driver must have had an insolent attitude to have parked there in the first place, so they probably wouldn’t hesitate to just knock over the bike on their way out.


Cheesing off an artist with your bad parking might make the note you find on your car a lot prettier, but the seething rage behind it will be exactly the same. Turns out even internet memes hate it when you don’t park properly – or steal someone’s spot.

Just A Car Guy

This is an awesome way to get revenge on someone’s thoughtless parking job. They’ll never know whether you really did slide across their hood, but the prospect might just make them reconsider leaving their car on the sidewalk.


We guess there are worse places to be trapped, depending on how much you like Outback Steakhouse. But when you do something like this, you pretty much deserve what you get. After all, owning the world’s largest 4×4 doesn’t grant you the liberty to park like an idiot.


Sure, this may be blatant stereotyping, but when you see a parking job as terrible as this, it’s safe to say a little generalization can be excused. Besides, there’s a pretty good chance that this abomination really was carried out by some entitled child whose daddy just bought them their first car.


Ever heard the expression “stuck between a rock and a hard place?” We’re pretty sure that was the inspiration for this utterly bizarre act of revenge. Yes, it’s as random as it is hilarious. If only there were video evidence of the driver having to remove it afterward.


As if the dumpsters themselves didn’t make it obvious enough, the perpetrator behind this hilarious trap took it upon themselves to also scribble “No Parking” on one of them. You know, just in case the driver is dense enough to not understand. Which, judging by their parking, may well be the case.


Notes replying to notes? We’re down the rabbit hole here, like some kind of crazy note-Inception. But it’s hard not to agree with the second one. After all, the first guy’s thinly veiled threat is hysterical. We’re just surprised he was so reserved with his language.


This guy must be pretty proud of himself. After all, it’s not every day you become an award winner. And look, someone’s even made a sign to let everyone else know that he’s such a good parker, too! Sometimes, it’s just nice to be recognized.


There’s nothing like seeing people work together to achieve a common goal. Especially if that goal is taking revenge on a tremendously terrible parking job. Yeah, that driver’s not getting out of there any time soon. But they’ve clearly made their bed, so it’s time to lie in it.


You can tell whoever’s behind this amazing notice has had to deal with one too many parking lot idiots in their time. Why else would they have gone to the trouble to get it printed up like a business card? They’ve probably got a whole stack of them, just waiting to be unleashed.


We’re not sure how anyone could think that parking in a bus lot would be a good idea, but we suspect that this guy will reconsider once he comes back to his vehicle to find it blocked in. Props to the bus drivers for their devious thinking, though.