31 Of The Most Unusual Places In All Of North America That People Can Actually Visit

The itinerary for a typical sightseeing trip to North America typically includes a few of the same old hot spots: Canada’s National Parks, the United States’ historical landmarks, and Mexico’s beaches. But scattered throughout the continent are some unusual sights even you won’t find in a travel guide!

Some of them are attractions worth planning entire trips or excursions around; others are simple places, monuments, and sights worth keeping an eye out for as part of a longer trip. But all 31 of these travel destinations have one thing in common: they’re some of the strangest—and coolest—North American landmarks!

1. Carhenge (Alliance, Nebraska): Who needs to travel to the United Kingdom to see the mysteriously stacked stones of Stonehenge when you can take a drive through the Great Plains and see cars spray-painted to look like sandstone?

Brian W. Schaller / Wikimedia


2. The Wave (Coconino County, Arizona): Nestled between Arizona and Utah, the sandstone formation allures hikers and photographers from all over the planet. Because of its fragility, however, hikers must be granted a permit to access it.

Horseshoe Bend

3. Republic of Molossia (Dayton, Nevada): Though declared a micronation by founder Kevin Baugh, the republic isn’t recognized by the United Nations. Still, Supreme Leader Kevin gives the United States “foreign aid” (otherwise known as property taxes).

Franco Sacchi / YouTube

4. Joyxee Island (Isla Mujeres, Mexico): An island made up of about 100,000 bottles floats just off the coast of Cancún, and for just $25 per night, you can rent it out on AirBnB. The Mexican government recognizes the 82-foot island as an Eco Boat.

Soul de Isla Mujeres

5. Winchester Mystery House (San Jose, California): Those killed by Winchester rifles allegedly haunt the mansion once owned by the widow of firearm’s magnate William Winchester. Architectural anomalies, like staircases to nowhere, fill the house.

Donna Hup

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