35+ Alarming Photos Taken Literal Seconds Before Disaster Struck

We all have bad days every now and then. Spilling a nice Malbec, tripping on tree roots, or getting caught in a flash flood four blocks from the bus stop are annoying for sure, but little incidents are bound to happen. Most people, however, don’t have their disastrous slip-ups actually immortalized on camera. The unfortunate people in these photos certainly didn’t see these hilarious goofs coming, but thanks to photography, they’ll likely never forget!

This diner likely got way more than she bargained for when she stopped to take a quick pic with her fancy cheesecake. Maybe the pose was too precarious, because instead of a smilingsnapshot she got a tragic image of dessert in free fall.

Oof. This is gonna be a nasty spill. It takes a lot of guts to enter a motorcycle race, and we sure hope this guy’s unfortunate crash won’t discourage him from trying again in the future! Maybe with sturdier wheels…

This little boy has quite the grin on his face, but if he could see the massive owl seconds away from landing on his head, he might feel differently. We hope someone scared it off before it could make contact because those claws look seriously gnarly.

These people had a little too much fun with their homemade catapult—and it turns out that it worked a little too well! We certainly wouldn’t want to be the unlucky woman flying through the air. At least her friends look sufficiently concerned!

We’ve all heard of the science experiment where putting Mentos in soda leads to a crazy explosion of foam, but usually the trajectory isn’t straight into a child’s face. We hope this little boy likes cola because he’s getting a whole lot of it.

A person’s wedding day is often one of the most important days of their lives, so of course they’d want everything to be perfect. This bride and groom even asked their bridal party to hold up sparklers for them! What they didn’t anticipate, however, was the new hubby taking a huge slip down the aisle.

Boating is all well and good, and it seems like these people were having a pretty good day…at least until they noticed the massive whale lurking beneath their vessel. The massive sea creature may not want to cause any harm, but it certainly could!

When these waves surged past a barrier in China, people knew exactly what to do: run away. We can only imagine what the people on that bike looked like seconds after this image was taken — definitely not dry, that’s for sure.

Were the glasses too weak, or was the toast too strong? We may never know, but this ill-fated dinner and drinks is about to have way more than two casualties. We feel sorry for her jacket!

All this guy wanted to do was take a nice picture by the pool. He almost certainly had no idea that, right behind him, a woman was seconds away from falling backwards into the water. What a difference two seconds can make.

This pup clearly just wants to play, but it seems like he’s getting a little too rowdy…and a little too close. We don’t even want to see the aftermath of this photo because it absolutely isn’t going to be pretty.

Kids lounging on a beach side railing on a breezy summer day. What could go wrong, right? Apparently a lot. According to the boy in peril, the girl next to him had accidentally knocked him off the log mere seconds before the picture was shot.

This guy may not have intended to slap his fellow runner in the face upon reaching the finish line, but it looks like he was just really excited to be done! I mean, who can blame him?

Partying is all well and good, until some unlucky guest gets an entire cup of flat beer thrown on their head. We know it was an accident, but if we were the girl in pink we would not be pleased.

This guy likely knew what was coming when he had his friend smash a water balloon against his head, but that doesn’t make the shot any less fascinating. I mean, just think about the timing that had to be achieved in order to capture that spray!

Did someone throw this in her mouth? Did she toss the dog up and attempt to catch it herself? Did she fill up with mustard first? We have so many questions about this picture, and the one thing that’s clear is that sausage is definitely going to be falling on the floor.

This kid looks a little too mischievous for his own good. It might be possible that he simply didn’t notice his dad’s major slip-up going on in the background, but it seems more likely he’s amused by it! Who knows, maybe he even cut the rope himself…

And yet another picture taken seconds before the person photographed became completely soaked. This one’s even wilder though—I mean look at that hand placed perfectly on the surface of the lake! One more unanswered question: who on earth took it?

This family photo is about to turn a whole lot messier in a split second, but it seems as if the mom who spilled her drink on the little boy’s face is the only one aware of it. The kid just looks sleepy, and the poor dad is completely unaware.

This little guy just wanted some fun on the beach, and the adults in his life clearly wanted a picture to memorialize it! What they didn’t expect was the massive wave moments away from crashing down on him. Let’s hope they realized it in time…

Only a wizard could capture on camera the exact moment a balloon burst. But this smartphone user photographed the instance just seconds before bystanders cowered at the sound of a popping balloon.

Not pictured here are the six buckets of his own nervous sweat this anchorman had to dump out after seeing his face staring back at him from a WANTED sign.

Word to the wise? Don’t put soda in the freezer. Still, while the loss of a diet Pepsi might be enough to ruin this photographer’s day, at least the compression explosion created unique freezer decór.

Whether the dog knew he was peeing into the gaping mouth of a man on an unfolded cardboard is irrelevant. Internet strangers were still impressed by the boldness the dog showed in marking up his territory.

Clearly, the lady on the right didn’t read the morning Metro. If she had, she might’ve seen the headline informing her she was playing a game of Russian Roulette biting her nails like that.

The award for Wingman of the Decade goes to this bird, whose im-peck-able timing put him squarely between a traffic camera and the license plate of a speeder. Thanks, bird bro!

Had the driver parked two inches further back, the tree would’ve left a sizeable dent in the sports car’s hood. But to his relief, a finger-sized gap stood between him and the headache of an insurance claim.

When a birdwatcher needed more information on what appeared to be the Norwegian Lapland Longspur, ol’ Lappy herself showed her face. Clearly, she wanted to make sure the book had its facts straight!

While on vacation in Greece, an Australian man picked up a broken debit card…then immediately fell into the Twilight Zone. It was identical to his current card in every way—right down to the name! Was he living a secret life he didn’t know about?

Not to be outdone by the education-focused Lapland Longspur, this butterfly landed right on her picture. She had to show off her best angles. With wings like that, can you blame her?

Saying something over and over again no matter how much you want it to be true, doesn’t actually make something true. So sorry newspaper: this is a coincidence.

Hailing from Tampa, Florida—a city with postal code 33607—a marathon runner sporting runner ID 33607 finished the Rock’n’Roll Washington D.C. marathon…in 3 hours, 36 minutes, and 7 seconds—3:36:07.

Perhaps it was along this Canadian highway a photographer so inspired by the landscape—snapped a picture, which would eventually go on the back of a truck cruising down this Canadian highway. Talk about perfect timing.

These weren’t the bridesmaids. Rather, all six of these women, in an unlikely coincidence, wore the same dress to the same wedding. Chances are, it was on sale at the local mall.

The KFC on the license plate of this McDonald’s mobile subliminally told all who saw it, forget the golden arches; go see The Colonel instead. He’s finger-lickin’ good, after all.

There’s no perfect timing or angling required to snap a photo of a stationary man with an oblong head—but look closer. That’s actually two people. The photographer caught this photo the second they formed the oblong-faced chimera.

Just imagine this Mitsubishi driver stepping out of his car, locking eyes with the person he just backed into, shrugging and saying whoopsie! while pointing at his coincidental license plate.