A Collection Of Some Of The Funniest Dads You’ll Ever See On The Internet

Among their responsibilities, the unofficial responsibility of dads is to embarrass the rest of their family anywhere they can, and in front of anyone. They sometimes do it intentionally, but more often it is just sheer “incident”.

We have compiled a list of embarrassing yet funny situations from dads across the internet that have been (usually) posted by fellow family members or bystanders, and they are very, very funny. Scroll down to check them out, as these dads are sure to brighten your day!

1. This dad is trying to prove that he hasn’t lost all of his hair

2. Babies feeding their dads

3. This dad send his son a photo of his mother and ‘this nice young man’ at their table at a charity dinner

4. This is just adorable

5. He has been trying to grow pineapples for the last year. Today, he succeeded.

6. Picture of grandpa, with a picture of his grandpa, with a picture of his grandpa

7. His name is Cliff…

8. Just dad things

9. Grandpa decided to make a story about his grandson’s favorite stuffed animal, Hamilton

10. Well, at least he has the legs for it

11. Dad wants to take weird pictures in record-breaking low temperatures

12. The dilemma is real

13. His son was upset, so he got him a card

14. Dads and Legos

15. This is epic!