A Must-Read Fart Guide For Every Couple That Shares The Same Bed

A Must-Read Fart Guide For Every Couple That Shares The Same Bed

Everyone tries to look as desirable as possible during the first phase of most romantic relationships, even if that means ‘ignoring’ some of our bodily urges. Like, for example, letting out a fart.
However, most couples realize sooner or later that there’s no need to deny their biology, and there comes that special moment in a relationship when partners share their first fart.
The artist behind the comic series named ‘The Adventures of Messy Cow’, Weng Chan, thinks that it’s perfectly normal, so she created a hilarious fart guide for everyone who shares their bed with their significant other. Have in mind that it might turn out to be more useful than you’d think.

“I ate all kinds of food and often ran into this problem. I was curious how other people handled the situation but it’s a hard topic to bring up in casual conversations. So I decided to make a comic about it and <…> was happily surprised by how many people were open to this discussion.” – she says.

There are couples that can comfortably fart in front of each other after just a week of dating, and some won’t do it even after 50 years. She thinks that one should care about how it affects their relationship because you don’t want to make your partner dislike you, of course, and it’s very important for partners to keep liking each other in a long-term relationship. She recommends using her comics as a guide, but you should test is step by step, and if your partner is disgusted at some point, you should not proceed further.

Weng started drawing manga at a very young age, and she started her Messy Cow series back in 2016.

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