A Strong Earthquake Rattles Central New Zealand

A strong Earthquake rattles central New Zealand

A strong earthquake 6.2 magnitude has struck central New Zealand.

The quake was initially reported as 6.7M.

It struck at a depth of 193km about 35km south-west of Taumarunui.

More than 9000 people reported feeling the quake within 10 minutes of it striking at 3.14pm.

Parliament has been suspended until further notice on the advice of Civil Defence.

Civil Defence have advised there is no tsunami threat to New Zealand.

The quake was felt as far as the South Island.

A strong Earthquake rattles central New Zealand


Blenheim woman Stephanie Ham was parked outside Marlborough Boys’ College, in Blenheim, when the quake hit.

“The car was rolling around and I thought my son had come up and shaken the car,” Ham said.

“All the boys were walking around and none of them felt it but the people parked in front of us got out and were quite scared and were looking up at the power lines.”

“We haven’t had anything as strong as a 6 [magnitude] for a while,” Ham said.

Further south in Marlborough, Seddon resident Reuben Tawhara was sitting outside the Cosy Corner Cafe when the earthquake happened. “I was sitting outside here having a drink, it was a light shake. I was sitting down … It was only a short time, it wasn’t very long.

“It wasn’t rough rough but enough to feel it.”

Tawhara walked into the cafe and asked the staff if they felt it but they said they didn’t because they were too busy.

Swimmers were evacuated from the Marlborough Lines Stadium 2000 immediately following the quake.

Staff at the pool ensured all members of the public left safely and closed the doors for the rest of the day to enable crucial safety checks to be carried out, said acting manager Kirsty Mathieson.

There were no reports of any injuries and all swimming classes were cancelled for the remainder of the day.

Spark spokeswoman Ellie Cross said there was “no reported impact following the earthquake to Spark personnel, services or property at the moment”.

Vodafone confirmed there had been no impact on its network. “The only think we did see was a spike in calls, but that is over now,” spokeswoman Kathy Gieck said at 3.40pm

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