A Woodworker Created The Most Intricately Detailed ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Bed

A woodworking team designed the bed of someone’s dreams — even though it was based on a “nightmare.” Sure, it might seem unusual for someone to ask for a bed having anything to do with nightmares, but when it comes to diehard Disney fans, the connection makes sense.

The cult classic animated movie, “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” features Pumpkin King Jack Skellington as he discovers the magic of Christmas. The film’s unique production design and style has inspired countless products for fans to collect. But, when Free Range Designs, a small furniture-making company based in Wales, met with a returning customer they got a major carving challenge to create a bed based on the movie.

Free Range Designs


According to Free Range Designs, their customer, Sharron, had previously bought a bed from them with a different theme, but her mother fell in love with it. After mom claimed that bed as her own, Sharron came up with her own idea for a new one.

“Sharron loves Tim Burton films, in particular, ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’, and asked us to make her a bed on the theme of Tim Burton’s famous movie,” Free Range Designs shared on its website. “That’s as far as the brief went; Sharron left the rest of the design up to us, and the bed you see here is what we came up with.”

The artists truly captured the spirit of the movie’s creepy-yet-whimsical style. The headboard features one of the film’s standout scenes, when Jack stands atop Spiral Hill and sings his signature song, “Jack’s Lament.” It’s honestly hard to imagine a better place for a lover of that film to sleep!

Free Range Designs


After designing “The Nightmare Before Christmas” bed for Sharron, Free Range Designs decided to add the option to its growing furniture inventory. It is the perfect addition to a collection that includes beds inspired by fairy tales, nature, and even the world of Harry Potter.

The bed, which is made from oak, ash and beechwood, is available in sizes from twin to super king. At a starting price of $2,676.23, it’s out of reach for many, but this handmade piece is probably worth every cent.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking to get one of these beds shipped from the company’s U.K.-based studio to the U.S., you will need to be creative.

“We would love to be able to ship this item to the U.S. But having looked into shipping, it will cost over $800 to do this,” the firm explained on its website. “If you can find a way to get it collected from our workshop in Wales then please do get in touch.”

If you’re handy with a table saw, maybe this “The Nightmare Before Christmas” masterpiece might inspire your own dream bed.