Adobe Demos A New Tool That Uncrops Photos With Just A Few Clicks

Digital photography has changed the way we keep and share our memories. A smartphone allows us easy access to thousands of photos with just a swipe. We can edit our photos on our phones and computer with a few clicks. If we don’t like something in our photos, we can crop it out or erase it from existence thanks to software technology.

It’s much harder to add things to photos that don’t actually exist, though. It can be done, but usually this type of image manipulation requires skill on the part of experienced graphic artists. But now, Adobe is working on a new product that allows users to uncrop images and even change how they look with just a few clicks.

Adobe gave a demo of the new uncrop tool in its Project All of Me project, which is in development now, during its Adobe Max Sneaks 2022 event in mid-October. Project All of Me uses artificial intelligence within the photo editor software to “generate uncropped components of photos and edit out unwanted distractions,” according to Adobe’s blog.

During the AdobeMAX event, Adobe scientist and research engineer Qing Liu demonstrated how the AI within the software could take a cropped photo and, without the original photo as a reference, make it larger. Basically, the software figures out what’s missing and fills in the blanks in all directions.

For the average photographer, this means that if you’ve taken hastily-snapped photo in which someone has been awkwardly cut off at the knee, the AI-informed photo editor could regenerate the lower legs for you. It can also add trees and houses or other appropriate siting elements to the background, creating a better-balanced overall image.

But what amazed many audience members at the AdobeMAX event was the software’s ability to change not only backgrounds but also what someone is wearing. In this segment from the event posted to YouTube, Project All of Me generated multiple complete outfits for a woman in an image with the press of a button. And then, it generated complete outfits on different backgrounds; every element in the image — except the woman’s bare legs, arms and face — was changed.

Imagine being able to look at yourself in different outfits and place yourself in any world location you like — with a few simple mouse clicks.

As of now, Adobe hasn’t said when this software will be available. But it is certainly fascinating to see the innovative work that could end up being the future of photography.

By Marie Rossiter, for Newsy.


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