Adorable Dressers Are Painted To Look Like Vintage VW Buses

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There’s just something about the retro style of a vintage Volkswagen bus that evokes American counterculture, a specific time in history and the freedom of road travel. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to get a comparable vehicle these days, although an electric VW Microbus is set to hit U.S. streets in 2023.

Still, if you like the unique styling associated with the VW bus, you could always remake something in your home in its image. Or get one from someone else who is making them. For example, over social media, people are showing off (and selling) various dresser creations with VW style.

This one was posted to Facebook by Peacock Place, an antique mall in Huntsville, Alabama, with subtle colors and an unmistakable design. It’s super-cute!

Here’s one from a VW fan Wendell Raymond, posted on Facebook. With a low-placed towel bar and what looks like adhesive push lights for headlights, it looks like it’s smiling.

This red one pops! It was posted by a furniture store in Macon, Georgia, called Kimz creations. This looks like a re-made wardrobe, with a larger compartment on top to create big windows.

Here’s a VW bug dresser that was sold by Southern Charm — A Vintage Marketplace. It’s a horizontal dresser that includes a homemade VW sign and contrasting red pulls. We love how people are installing handles at a slant to look like windshield wipers.

And here’s a dresser named Vera Wang that really channels the flower power with a pink and blue design dotted with flowers. It was posted to Facebook by user Lucinda Christian Bunn, who was selling it six years ago.

There are a ton of cute versions and ideas on Pinterest, too, with different colors, designs and embellishments, like smiling daisies in place of headlights. Match your other decor, or use the VW bus dresses as a contrasting piece.

If you’re interested in creating one of these yourself, DIYer Ashley Blake posted a YouTube tutorial showing how to create a VW bus dresser that even has a cute chalkboard window as its “windshield.”

To get an actual VW sign, you could find a real one on eBay or do what Blake did, which is buy one on Amazon. Or you could design it yourself with some silver paint!

Are you inspired?