Whale Watchers’ Jaws Drop After Insane Close Encounter With Humpback.

While visiting Alaska earlier this month, Tristan Krause booked a trip on a whale-watching expedition, probably only expecting to see a few water spouts if he got lucky.

On August 20, he boarded a boat operated by Taz Whale Watching Tours, and they headed out into the waters off Pleasant Island in Alaska’s panhandle. Sure enough, Tristan just happened to be filming when a big water spout erupted off in the distance.

water spout

Water spouts are nice and all, don’t get us wrong. But… a water spout? That’s all you’ve got for me?

Maybe it was innocent, maybe there was something more nefarious at play here. Either way, these tourists didn’t even have time for a single “oooh” or “aaaah” over that dinky spout before this happened:

humpback breaches

That splash! It’s a good thing that humpback breached where he did, because another foot or two closer and that boat would’ve been a goner. Fortunately, everyone’s okay, although they probably spent a fair amount of time wringing out their clothes and bailing water out of the boat. But if that’s the price you have to pay to get that close to one of the biggest mammals on Earth, we’ll take it!

The video’s gone viral and viewers, of course, are living the experience vicariously through Tristan and the rest of the passengers:

“Proving that giant cetaceans have a sense of humor,” wrote one YouTuber.

“Exactly like jurassic park velociraptors – one distracts; the other…well you don’t even have time to scream,” added another.

whale fb comment

Seriously, you never know what you’re going to see on one of those outings, especially in a place like Alaska. Watch this big showoff in the short clip below, and share to spread more laughs!

Customers on a whale-watching boat off the coast of Alaska were surprised by a whale jumping out of the water and drenching everyone onboard. Wait for it … http://nbc4dc.com/2xMkf86

Posted by NBC Washington on Wednesday, August 22, 2018