Sign Said “All Pets Welcome,” So Cowboy Brings 1 Very Big Pet Into Tractor Store.

File this story under “Meanwhile, in Oklahoma….”

Shoppers at a Tractor Supply store in Elk City, Oklahoma were left with their jaws on the floor when the looked up to see a giant horse walking the aisles. The horse, along with his personal cowboy/owner, were simply shopping for a bag of grain thanks to a very inclusive sign hanging outside the store. That sign says, “All pets welcome. Must be on leash.”


This fun story began when the cowboy rode his horse to the store and noticed that sign. It was a hot day outside, and the old timer didn’t feel right about tying up his best friend out in the sun-drenched parking lot. Instead, he asked store employees if that sign was serious about their “all pets” policy.

“I’m a senior here to buy senior horse feed for my senior horse, can he come in?” the cowboy asked.

After checking with management, the cowboy got the green light. Leading his bay gelding into the store by his reins (close enough to a leash, right?), the pair drew stares and appreciative chuckles from all who saw them. Many people took out their cell phones and snapped pictures or videos, including local resident Robin Morris, who uploaded her video to Facebook.

Naturally, Robin’s post began going viral right away, because this isn’t something you see every day… even in Oklahoma!

The cowboy and his steed didn’t waste any time browsing the aisles. The cowboy simply slung a 50 lb. bag of senior horse chow over the horse’s saddle and they headed for the checkout. As the cowboy paid for the grain, a few kids shyly approached the animal and gave him some gentle strokes on his neck.

Once they got what they needed, the cowboy lead the horse back out of the store, then presumably rode off into the sunset. You’ve got to love small town stories like these! God bless America.

Watch Robin’s funny video clip below, and don’t forget to share!