All the TV Shows and Movies Affected by the WGA Writers Strike (Updating)

The WGA Writers Strike has officially begun, which will result in writers stopping all work as they picket the studios. This halt means that many scripted projects will inevitably go dark, resulting in a Hollywood shutdown not seen since COVID, and not felt since the last WGA strike took place 15 years ago. Variety will keep readers updated with a rolling list of everything that has been put on hold as a result of the strike, which went into effect Tuesday. For more information about the strike, check out Variety’s FAQ primer on what it means for the industry.

LATE-NIGHT SHOWS GO DARK. ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” CBS’ “The Late Show,” and NBC’s “Tonight” and “Late Night” are all going on hiatus and repeats will be shown. HBO will also cease live production of “Real Time with Bill Maher” and “This Week Tonight” with John Oliver. Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” (which was currently being hosted by a rotating cast of comedians) is also on hiatus.

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The writers room for the third season of Emmy-darling “Abbott Elementary” was supposed to convene on May 2nd. That room has closed. In an interview with “Democracy Now,” writer Brittani Nichols revealed that this strike could ultimately impact the number of episodes they can pen for the upcoming season. “We are a show that writes while we air,” Nichols said. “If this strike goes on for a significant period of time, our show will not come out on time and that could change the amount of episodes which I’m sure people will be very upset about.”


“Cobra Kai” closed its writers room for season 6. Series co-creator Jon Hurwitz tweeted “pencils down” in solidarity. The writers room is closed and no writers are currently on set for season 6 production.


Unlike the aforementioned late night shows, Fox News Channel revealed it will continue to broadcast new shows of Greg Gutfeld’s talk show program.


All of the scripts for the second season of “Game of Thrones” spinoff “House of the Dragon” have been turned in. Read the full story here.


Production on the second season of the Issa Rae series wrapped in April.


Co-creator of the series “Yellowjackets” Ashley Lyle tweeted that all progress on writing for season 3 of the Showtime drama has halted after exactly one day of progress. “It was amazing, and creatively invigorating, and so much fun, and I’m really excited to get back to it as soon as the WGA gets a fair deal,” she tweeted.

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