Babies In This Hospital Celebrated Halloween With The Tiniest And Most Adorable Costumes

These photos are too cute!

It’s never too early to start dressing up your kids for Halloween.

For the past three Halloweens, the Advocate Children’s Hospital in Illinois has dressed up the infants in its neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) in costumes. The 40 kids who participated this year ranged in age from less than a day to 3 months, and some of these young ones and their parents could be in for stays as long as six months.

“These parents really don’t have any normalcy in their lives and a lot of times they’re grieving … it’s not what they anticipated when having a baby,” Deb Skopec, a neonatal outcomes nurse at Advocate, told “Good Morning America.”

“We like to celebrate the special times — in one way or another to celebrate what Halloween would have been, only we shift it to the NICU.”

So, the parents get to dress their babies up if they are medically fit, and the results are just as adorable as you might expect. Just look at this little Where’s Waldo and this sweet pair of lions:

“It’s uplifting and yet at the same time it’s healing,” Skopec told “Good Morning America.” “We are still monitoring the baby as close as ever [through] every celebration.”

The staff photographs each of the babies that participates and posts the adorable pictures on the Advocate Children’s Hospital’s Facebook page. People can even vote on their favorite costumes, and the winning family will receive a $150 Target gift card while the runners-up will get $50 gift cards. The winning baby also gets bragging rights for life along with a head start on years of winning costume contests.

So, go check out the album and vote for your favorites by noon on Nov. 1. And yes, you can vote for more than one because picking your favorite from all of the cute costumes is going to be a challenge. I mean, just look at tiny Yoda and tiny Yurtle!