Brave Woman Speaks Out After She Was Brutally Attacked By Her Boyfriend

Louise Reed, a woman that was horribly beaten up by her boyfriend has bravely spoken about the ordeal.
She was punched and thrown around her home by her abusive boyfriend, Robert Jenney, 30, after he got angry.

The 27-year-old mum needed to have her nose glued after the vicious attack. Even though it was a horrific sight, she decided to take it to social media to share her story in order to raise awareness about domestic violence, and to shame her ex.

She wrote a lengthy emotional post, which read:
“Being punched, thrown about and head butted in the face and being made to feel like a prisoner in my own home having to climb out of the window whilst pouring with blood to run for help is a memory that will stay with me forever.”

“Feeling like such a f-ng idiot and fool taken in by what I thought was a kind, sweet, romantic boyfriend, who would have done anything for me for then to turn at the slightest argument/disagreement, become controlling, aggressive, unrecognizable. This isn’t the man I met when I was 13 years old. I don’t know this person anymore and I’m starting to question whether I actually did.”

Louise explained how manipulative her now-ex-boyfriend was, and what led for the attack to take place:

“Thing is with these type of people, they have a certain way of making you believe it’s your fault, that you’ve started the argument, that you’ve pushed them to do what they’ve done. They manipulate you into thinking it’s all in your head and you’re the problem when I’m actual fact, it’s all mind games to break you down.”

Robert was ordered to pay £75 in compensation and £170 in court costs, and he was handed a 12-month community order.
According to Louise, the sentence was unjust:

“I think the sentence he received is disgusting, he should have been sent to prison.

He could have k!lled me.

I suffer from nightmares and have trouble sleeping, I need to move out of my house and have a fresh start with my daughter, Skyler-Mae.”

He was landed with a 12-month restraining order and he must do ten days of rehabilitation activity.