Caitlyn Jenner Returning To Reality TV With Sophia Hutchins?

Caitlyn Jenner is not returning to reality TV with Sophia Hutchins, despite a new tabloid report.

According to NW, while Jenner is no longer keeping up with the Kardashians, she “isn’t finished with reality just yet.” More than two years after “I Am Cait” was canceled, Jenner is “set to star in a new reality show” with Hutchins, maintains the magazine. A person referred to as an “insider” tells the tabloid, “They’ve been back and forth about this for a while, with offers from various networks getting more lucrative the longer they’ve resisted.” “Talks are at an advance stage and Cait’s looking forward to starting filming by the end of the year,” adds the supposed source.

While the premise of the purported series is never explained in the article, the outlet’s seemingly made-up “insider” alleges that Jenner and Hutchins “want to shout their love from the rooftops, especially with a wedding being in the works too.” Presumably, the reality show would be about their life together. But Jenner and Hutchins are not a couple, just the closest of friends who, despite their age difference, understand what it means to be a transgender woman.

Jenner herself has denied they’re a couple. In an interview with Variety in August, Jenner addressed her rumored romance with Hutchins by simply saying, “We’re the best of friends.” The former Olympian acknowledged “we are very close,” “inseparable,” and “do a lot of things together,” but that’s apparently where it ends.

Among the other red flags in the article is that, while the tabloid claims they have “offers from various networks,” not one channel is actually named. Additionally, if talks about a reality show were really “at an advance stage” and production was slated to begin in the next few months, one of the trade magazines would have reported about this already.

Also, Jenner is not planning a wedding with Hutchins debunked that claim about two months ago when another outlet alleged she was a “bridezilla.” At the time, her rep told us on the record there were no wedding plans.

Lastly, the tabloid’s premise is not exactly new. In May, Life & Style published a similar piece about Jenner and Hutchins pitching a reality show. Her spokesperson shot down the speculation back then and again now. Jenner’s rep tells once more that it’s not true the two friends and business associates are negotiating with networks to airs a series starring them.