Christine Taylor Talks About Finding Her ‘Way Back’ To Ben Stiller After Separation

Christine Taylor recently opened up about how she and Ben Stiller rekindled their marriage in recent years after announcing their separation in 2017.

During an appearance on “The Drew Barrymore Show” on Tuesday, the “Wedding Singer” actor discussed her relationship journey with Stiller, sharing that the two got engaged after six months of dating and married within a year after that. She then explained how their relationship changed over the years.

“Family was always a priority but I think Ben and I both sort of started to grow in different directions,” Taylor said, adding that the decision to separate was not one the couple “took lightly.”

“That time apart for each of us to sort of get to know who we are … I think we have these growth spurts even as adults,” the actor later said.

Stiller and Taylor, who wed in 2000, share two children: a 20-year-old daughter, Ella, and a 17-year-old son, Quinlin.

The couple, who had been living apart after their separation, decided to live together in their family home with their children when the coronavirus pandemic began. Taylor said that living together again was a “special” time for the couple, and that they were able to connect without distractions.

“We found this way back,” she said.

The “Zoolander” actors had announced their separation in 2017, after 17 years of marriage. They said in a joint statement at the time that they would be prioritizing raising their children as “devoted parents and the closest of friends.”

Stiller shared about getting back together with Taylor last year, telling Esquire that their rekindled relationship was “really wonderful.”

“Unexpected, and one of the things that came out of the pandemic,” he said.

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