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Women lose confidence as a result of their additional pounds, and they are left with no social circle at all. In this Cinderella Solution Review, we’ll discover about this one-of-a-kind solution made exclusively for women’s weight loss.

Fat shaming is the simplest of the three things associated with fat, the other two being fat gain and fat loss. Women all over the world experience several hormonal shifts throughout their lives, particularly after conceiving. Women will find it far more difficult to remove the weight they have gained as a result of these changes.

Women go through a variety of procedures to look more like their true body type by losing weight. What’s more, guess what? They always manage to regain their weight because the majority of these plans entail difficult-to-follow and maintain diets. Women’s weight is linked to a variety of ailments, including hypertension, diabetes, and coronary heart disease.

When I first heard about the Cinderella Solution Weight Loss Program, I said to myself, “Please don’t do it again…” But, like any curious woman with confidence-sapping and categorically energy-sucking obesity who is desperate to reduce weight, I learned about it and gave it a shot.

As a result, in this Cinderella Solution Review, I’ll go over all you need to know about it and how it may help you make your life beautiful once more.

More information can be found on the official website of The Cinderella Solution >>.


Carly Donovan is the brains behind the novel notion of creating a weight-loss program tailored to a more equitable partnership. There are no gender-specific supplements on the market. They’re also challenging to carry out and follow.

Most weight reduction plans take so long to show results that you’ve given up hope, however, the Cinderella Solution Weight Loss Program gives you good results in just 28 days.

This method relieves you of the stress of strict diets and strenuous workouts. It entails putting together a meal plan using various foods. This meal plan is designed to encourage a biochemical reaction in the metabolic process that helps you lose weight by reducing the amount of fat in your body. To me, that sounds like a good concept!

Similarly, it’s an interesting truth that there are folks all over the world who eat the same fattier diet and don’t gain any weight. Carly Donovan devised Cinderella’s solution after studying the dietary combinations that these people consume.

It wasn’t the food they ate that gave them smart figures across their lifetimes; it was the combination of foods they ate in one meal. Furthermore, their everyday schedule excluded all of the strenuous workouts and harsh diet programs.

As a result, the program has designed a combination of several foods that may be used with a low-impact workout to produce a fat loss in women, allowing them to feel secure in their model figure.

This product is designed to help women of all ages lose weight in a method that works for them. While most men will go to the gym to reduce weight, the Cinderella solution gives ladies an easier and more practical way to lose weight.


Cinderella Solution System is a weight loss program for women who are tired of carrying around excess fat. It has established a system that involves flavor-pairing, which is based on the Japanese Shoku-Iku nutrition concept. The curriculum is divided into two sections, each lasting 14 days. The first phase is known as “Ignite,” while the second is known as “Launch.” Instead of putting severe limits on all of your favorite foods, this unique strategy focuses on restarting a sluggish metabolism.

The first phase, dubbed “Ignite,” encourages people to consume three meals a day, each with a carefully selected combination of foods. The program teaches you the value of nutritional food in your daily diet and its role in your weight reduction journey over 14 days.

The program’s second phase, dubbed “Launch,” presents you with a variety of dietary choices to supplement your daily meals. Customers on the diet plan are required to consume four meals per day in the appropriate order. These meals are designed to strengthen the body’s immunity while also encouraging the metabolism to turn food into more energy and less fat.

In this Cinderella Solution Honest Review, I’ll go through some of the nutrients that the program concentrates on to show how it works.

  • Ricotta and Berries

  • Garlic and Fish

  • Sweet Potatoes and Greek Yogurt

  • Chocolates and Apples

  • Green Tea and Mint

To begin with, the combination of these nutrients aids a woman’s body in increasing metabolism, which decreases fat and speeds up weight loss. Second, these meals are simple to prepare in these combinations.

Furthermore, if you are interested in giving this weight reduction program a try, it emphasizes simplicity, which means you can access the Cinderella solution right from your laptop or other devices because it is available in digital format.

In addition, the program’s inventor has included some simple fitness regimens in Cinderella Solution to encourage its use. The Cinderella program uses the term “workout programs” to refer to workouts specifically tailored for women’s fragile bodies.

These exercises are presented in the form of movies that can be directly downloaded. These 8-20 minute training videos are intended just for ladies.


Cinderella Solution is a product created specifically for women. This wonderful weight loss approach is available to women of all ages and races who can no longer fit into their favorite dress and want to be in their best shape.

Cinderella method is designed for women who continuously gaining weight after losing it, ladies who have busy work and family schedules and are unable to go spiral around a gym every week, and women who have given up hope of ever getting back in shape.

We all have been on a stage where we got tired of all the side effects of weight loss medications and longed to see the smart figure we once had. If you are in our squad, you need to switch to Cinderella’s solution for weight loss ASAP!


In this comprehensive review of Cinderella Solution, I am going to explain some of the benefits of choosing Cinderella solution’s weight loss program. Just like I did, you will feel the change in your body from inside. These changes will be positive for your health and life. You will feel that this program is not just helping you lose weight, but also affecting your lifestyle, making it healthier. Some of the benefits of using Cinderella Solution are explained here-

Usual diet plans use extreme techniques to burn your fat which leaves you with dramatic side effects. Yet the Cinderella program does not do that which makes it scientifically proven to be healthier than other diet plans.

In addition to that, the program teaches you recipes for cooking healthy food so you will likely be eating healthy food in your entire diet that will keep you fit.

Ease of Use:

The program focuses on making life easy for women instead of difficult. The program is written in a language understandable to everyone. It comes with routines that are easy to follow. In addition to that, unlike routine weight loss programs, there is absolutely no need to count and keep a check on your calories like an expert dietitian. You are not an expert in dieting and you are not supposed to act like one too.

Alternative Menus:

The program has developed menus for people having a preference for different types of food. Sounds new in the dieting world, right?

Carly has been attentive to every taste of people. The menu includes people who must watch their lactose and Ovo, for people who are vegans, pescatarians, and vegetarians. Most of the dieting plans recommend food with low carbohydrates. That is because low carbohydrates are the key to losing weight but the results are likely to be neutral if foods are not properly combined and nutritious food is not cut from the diet like high fiber vegetables.

Quick Results:

Most of the diet plans start giving minute results and that too so late you have lost all your hope for weight loss. On the contrary, the accelerator program of Cinderella solution shows you quick results.

Hormone Regulation:

The Cinderella Solution program helps you balance your cortisol, estrogen, and hormonal insulin levels helping your hormones to regulate. As a result, this program further contributes to exterminating certain diseases and the risk of illnesses. The diet program also offers you your own combination of meal plans with daily meal guidance that helps hormones to act in accordance with your body’s.


All you need to execute the plan is a yoga mat and some dumbbells if you decide to take up with the workout. This makes the program package cost cheaper as compared to other diet plans.

Video Library Tutorial:

In the program, you are given access to tutorials of exercises that are available in the video library. So in case you choose to do the optional workout, videos of tutorials are available for you to understand what to do and how to do it.


Carly knows it is difficult to keep up with a routine and also that it is very important to be motivated to losing weight throughout the process. Hence, the program is built in such a way that keeps you stirred and your spirits high.


Before you take the plunge into the diet, In the Review of Cinderella Solution, I am going to mention its side effects so you would be aware of them too. Because the program is made to burn your fats, you might experience slight headaches and body changes initially. This happens because of the activation of enzymes and fatty cells.

As compared to the rest of the diet plans, Cinderella’s solution comes with lesser and minute side effects. That happens because your body is experiencing a sudden change in eating and working out routines. Most people do not have any dieting routine, as a result, they are not used to restricting their food intake. Cinderella Solution is not a particularly restrictive diet but it still makes you watch what you eat. Certain foods are absolutely a no-go.

In conclusion, restricting diet and starting workout regimes changes body conditions which initiate some minor side effects.


After you discovered Cinderella’s solution, you must have gotten curious about flavor-pairing. I know it because I really got curious so I researched it. I will explain in my Cinderella Solution Review what is flavor-pairing and the thought behind it.

You develop unasked-for fat when you binge eat and you binge eat when your brain does not receive the signal of using your storage zones as fuel. What the Cinderella solution does is that it works by combining food correctly. When you eat the right amount in the right combination, you start feeling full quicker. As a result, you eat less.

Carly Donovan has grouped food into four groups and has kept the Cinderella theme intact by using these names. These are Angel Carbs, Prime Proteins, Power Carbs, and Royal Fats. This flavor-pairing in only two steps is a system that is easy to use and feels very normal to the body and brain.

Unlike the mainstream bureaucratic diets, you are also free to mix and match some of the food combinations which is another unique thing about this program that I personally feel attracted to.


Fat stores itself in some bodies that are prone to gaining weight. Most of the diets in the market go for fat-blasting approaches, which are harmful to health and have drastic side effects. But your very own Cinderella solution stays far away from it.

Carly Donovan made a team and funded it because she needed to get more idea about what is flavor-pairing and how it can be used to lose weight. Over the span of six months, the team hosted 75 interviews with scientists, doctors, and endocrinologists to understand flavor pairing and if it will work on all body types and ages of women.

In addition to that, she mentions statistics that would hurt any feeling of heart. Every 20 seconds in the world, a woman dies from diseases that are related to being overweight which is actually a shock to know. Carly herself being overweight, absolutely needed to make something work for herself and the rest of the women on line in dealing with weight issues.

Unshakable dieting, like those prescribed by many diet plans, for over many years are known to affect your immunity badly and make your metabolism dependent on them.

All of this creates a sense…

These die-hard fat-burning diets are putting so much stress on our bodies and are so bad for our own health and life and people who are dependent on us.

Cortisol, insulin, and estrogen are the three hormones that disturb our metabolism as we grow older and it is scientifically proven also. Carly has referred to these hormones as Queen, youth, and beauty hormones. The three hormones are essential in our bodies and they make us eye-catching to men during our adolescence.

After adolescence, when the fairy tale ends, the three hormones turn out to be horrible for the body. Let me explain how:

Cortisol is called a “Happy Hormone”. It keeps you happy in your puberty and helps you be attracted to happiness. As you age, this happy hormone turns into your horrible stepmom and gives you nervousness, dejection, and anxiety.

Estrogen’s called the “Beauty Hormone”. It keeps you youthful and beautiful. This hormone that keeps your wrinkles and fine lines away in your youth and made your skin toned stabs you in the back as you age. It gives you spots of aging and cellulite.

Insulin is the “Skinny Hormone”. It helps you maintain your weight but does 180 degrees and creates it every bit difficult for your body to keep fit without gaining weight.

Cinderella’s solution keeps these hormones in regulation and does not let them go rogue on you in the time of your need.

On the contrary, normal diets available everywhere focus on fat and fat burning techniques. It is the reason why you always put on weight after these diets and that is what makes your metabolism lethargic. Unlike them, Cinderella’s solution focuses on what makes the fat stay in the body after a specific age or pregnancy. And works on these hormones to stay loyal to you throughout your lifetime and also extend your life years.


Cinderella’s solution focuses on ease of use as much as I understand it. Hence, it is available in digital format, and to get it, all you have to do is purchase your copy of Cinderella Solution Weight loss program online from anywhere in the world.

The basic package is costed at $37 which is pretty affordable as compared to the rest of the diet programs. It comes with a 60-day “Glass Slipper” money-back guarantee which is enough to understand its precision. This allows you to try the product for 60 days and if using the product is not benefitting you as expected then the customer support team will be there for you and you can claim a full refund. In fact, they also provide access to Carly Donovan and a 24-hr support team by paying some extra fee.

Compared to other diets that are available out there or on the internet (which have significant drawbacks and intense side effects compared to this one), the price seems of excellent value to me.



  • Available in digital format

  • Alternative food combinations

  • Scientifically proven health supporter

  • Focuses on ease of use

  • Supports all age groups

  • Hormonal regulation

  • Shows quick results

  • Inexpensive

  • Video tutorials for a workout

  • Vast food choices for all living styles

  • Complete menu and easy to make recipes


  • Gender-specific diet

  • Watching what to eat


The list of items that you get with Cinderella solution is as follows-

  • Main Manual

The main manual of Cinderella solution is a 93-pages electronic Book. It is available in the format of pdf. It consists of info on the metabolism of females and hormones that play a role in weight.

In addition to that, you will find a section of the food plan that specifies the diet and blends of food that you can use throughout your diet. The author has written it in a way that is easy to understand and easy to follow which makes it the coolest diet plan in the industry that actually works.

  • Guide for a Quick Start

If you want to go into details of understanding your body and metabolism and everything that boosts up fats or loss of fats, you are welcome to read the main manual first.

However, if you want to escape analyzing the detailed manual first, you can jump straight to reading the quick start guide. It is so easy to read and understand. It is developed in such a way that it comes in handy even if you want to go reading it straight.

  • Recipe Playbook for Food Lovers

The recipe playbook covers all the recipes and mealtime ideas that Carly Donovan made to drop her own 84 pounds of weight. You can see Carly Donovan doing that in pictures on the official website of Cinderella solution.

And the cherry on top, there is also a recipe book that covers the combination of food supporting morning breakfast, day time lunch, and supper. So none of your time to eat is missed by the author.

And for dessert lovers, well there is a dessert recipe book of twenty-two pages.


The Cinderella solution’s accelerator package actually holds a free bonus. It is an amalgamation of the finest triumph stories of people who were fed up with mainstream diet plans and tried Cinderella’s solution. It is factual evidence that Cinderella’s solution works.

The package is called an accelerator because it can help in speeding up the complete weight loss process for the primary 3 weeks. The accelerator package includes–

  • Jump-Start Nutrition Guide of 21 days

  • Main Manual for accelerator package

  • Movement Sequencing Book for accelerator package

  • The Accelerator Movement Sequencing Book can hasten literally the whole thing. The exercises that come with it are voluntary. They comprise of 8-20-minutes mild movement arrangements to boost fat loss in your body.

These exercises are specially made to suit and be gentle on women’s delicate bodies and they only work for women which is why it is called a women-only guide. The whole program has fifteen workouts, each of those workouts consists of six to ten exercises.

Furthermore, you are also given access to the online page from where you can get the workout tutorial videos. For your ease, a Workout Video Library is also made and you will be given access to it.


All of us are aware that it is important for us women to look good, not for anyone else but for our own selves. Extra fat on the body lowers our confidence and it is an invitation to so many problems and illnesses. Losing those extra pounds is an extreme task and requires motivation that most of us lack.

All of us have stayed at home when our circle went out to a beach party because we don’t want to look bad in a beach dress. And every time that happened, we decided to opt for a diet plan that actually works but none ever did.

Cinderella’s solution system comes with a unique flavor-pairing system which is ignored in the rest of the diet market because it is cheap to use and an easy way to lose those unwanted pounds. Because the diet market would start selling you easy ways to your big problems, it will not be very much in the favor of the industry. But Carly focuses on clients. Clients that are women like she is. Understanding what they are going through and being there for them because no one was there to hold her hand when she was fighting to get in shape.

This program is a morning breeze after all the hectic days of carrying a weight that was unneeded. And when I say carrying unneeded weight, I mean every word in the real sense of it.

It is scientifically proven to be the best and easy diet to follow and recipes easy to prepare. I am seeing myself always staying on the Cinderella solution diet in my future.

If you are inclined to losing weight in a way that is easy, scientifically proven, isn’t very rigorous, and gives results in a matter of days, I have to say the Cinderella solution program is the technique to do it. So ladies! What is the wait for? Show your girl power and get your copy now to start looking beautiful again!


  • What is Cinderella Solution?

Cinderella Solution exists as a weight loss program developed by Carly Donovan. This weight loss program brings value to me and you by introducing Flavor-pairing which is a technique for combining different foods so they help in metabolism and taste good too. The idea of this weight loss program instigates from a nutrition system followed by Japanese which is called Shoku-Iku. This nutrition system balances vital hormones and also reboots a body’s metabolism which helps you lose weight.

  • How Much Does Cinderella’s Solution Cost?

Cinderella Solution provides value to the customers in just $37, unlike all the extremely expensive diet plans. The basic package is costed at $37. The program comes also comes with sixty days “Glass Slipper Guarantee” which is a money-back guarantee that is if you are left unconvinced about it for some reason.

  • Does Cinderella’s Solution Work?

Yes. Cinderella’s solution does work. Carly Donovan is the breathing evidence that it does. She has lost 84 pounds with the aid of the Cinderella solution program and has avoided lots of potential problems that she could face due to being overweight. She marks hundreds of customers’ endorsements in favor of Cinderella’s solution and their success stories.

  • Is Cinderella Solution Safe?

Cinderella Solution is 100% safe. It is based on the Japanese nutrition system. It is passed by a number of scientists and it is not harsh on the human body. It is made in such a way that it gives your body a balance as well as a diet that supports fast metabolism. It does not deal with any fake chemicals that could, in any way, hurt your body systems. Although, just like any other diet it is best if it is also passed by your own dietitian or nutritionist.

  • Cinderella Solution Scam or Legit?

In my review of Cinderella solution, I have mentioned that the woman behind the idea of Cinderella solution, Carly Donovan, herself is living proof that the solution is legitimate. She has literally been where you and I are and she has kept herself motivated all through the process of the Cinderella solution program.

  • How to Buy Cinderella Solution?

If you are wondering where and how to buy Cinderella’s solution, there is nothing to worry about. In my review of Cinderella’s solution, I am going to explain where and how you can buy it.

First of all, Carly Donovan has been making this product for quite some time now. They have an official website from where you can easily buy the program. Here is a link to their official website >>

Just click the link and click “BUY NOW” and then you can buy it in digital format. It is as simple as that.

  • Is Cinderella Solution Worth It?

If you surf the internet for the purpose of research, you will be shocked to know that women, on average, spend $65,000 on procedures to lose weight during their lives. I must say giving $37 for the Cinderella Solution program is a complete snip.

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