Construction Worker’s Gut Instinct Helps Stop A Crime-In-Progress From Spiraling Way Out Of Control

Not all of us can be heroes. In order to do something truly great, you need to listen to your gut and never hesitate in the face of danger. It’s something that only a few brave souls are capable of doing.

It can be difficult in the face of danger to trust your instincts. But that’s exactly what’s required of a person who is going to swoop in and save the day. It’s something one construction worker learned firsthand…

July 17, 2017, started out like any normal day for a construction worker named Colin Blevin from Santa Clara, California. He arrived at his job at Ciarra Construction promptly at 7 a.m., but as soon he arrived, suspicion struck…

There, blocking the entrance to the construction firm’s lot, was a man named Raymond Randy Gutierrez. Colin knew all of the employees at the company and this man wasn’t one of them. So, what exactly was he doing there?

Colin noticed that the man had an awkward gait and was muttering to himself. Something about this guy wasn’t right, Colin could feel it. It seemed like he was under the influence of drugs, but Colin slowly approached him anyway.

Colin didn’t plan on confronting Raymond. He just needed him to move his car, a 1992 white Honda Accord, so he could get into the lot. But even before saying anything, Colin noticed something unusual about the man’s vehicle…

The back door of the Accord was cracked open, and inside was a baby! Alarm bells immediately went off in Colin’s head. Even though he didn’t know Raymond he had a strong inkling the baby didn’t belong to him.

Raymond was jittery and disheveled, but the baby looked well cared for. Something about this whole situation wasn’t sitting right with Colin, and as soon as the man moved the car, he did something that left the construction worker in shock…

To Colin’s complete disbelief, the man moved his car, immediately got out of it, and he started breaking into another car, right in front of Colin! As Colin was watching in awe, a woman named Mamas Ramirez approached him and said something horrifying…

She told Colin the drug-addled man knocked on her RV door not long before Colin arrived at work and tried to pawn the child off on her! 

Colin had a daughter of his own, and he knew that this baby’s family was probably worried sick. Colin approached Raymond and demanded answers.

“Is this your baby?” Colin forcefully asked. Raymond said no, and told Colin the person who let him borrow the vehicle accidentally left the child in the backseat. Colin knew Raymond was lying, but what actually happened?

Colin grabbed the baby out of the back seat and told Raymond he was calling the police. Raymond was guilty of several crimes, so it wasn’t surprising when he jumped back in the white Accord and fled. But, it wouldn’t be long before Raymond was nabbed and the truth came out.

Police tracked Raymond down and arrested him. As it turned out, Raymond was a 43-year-old homeless man who had a reputation around the area for causing trouble. How exactly did he get his hands on a child in the first place?

Apparently, the rightful owner of the Honda Accord left his car running for mere minutes right outside his home when Raymond struck. He jumped in the car and drove off, taking the innocent child along for the ride.

When Soledad police finally spoke to Colin about the situation, they told him an AMBER Alert had been out for the child for several hours before Colin found him.

Colin was stunned; he had no idea that the situation was already on the officers’ radar! But believe it or not, that wasn’t even the craziest part of the whole incident… 

That morning, Colin was suffering from a sore hip, and he almost didn’t go into work so he could rest. However, he had too much to do, and for that reason alone, he was able to save a life.

After a thorough medical checkup, the eight-month-old infant was returned to his family. The Department of Justice awarded Colin the Missing Children’s Citizen Award for his intuition and quick thinking. He fully deserved the praise.

Colin Blevin was in the right place at the right time that day. Being a father himself, he knows the importance of family, and he was able to ensure one family stayed together.

This story proves that when your gut tells you something doesn’t feel right, you should listen. The Soledad Police Department and the frantic parents who thought they lost their child will always be grateful that Colin did just that. 

This story had a great ending, but not everyone goes with their gut instinct when they feel it. Sometimes we avoid an intuitive feeling, but we all need to realize when something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

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