Dele Alli one-ups his #delechallenge—and it’s almost impossible now

Dele Alli’s hand celebration went viral this month as the world tried to emulate the soccer player’s post-goal move. Many succeeded. Unfortunately, the soccer star is adding another step to the #delechallenge, and the finger manipulation is damn near impossible.

The original Dele challenge involved making an upside-down OK symbol and putting it over your eye in a salute.

Here’s a quick video tutorial in case you’re lost.

The latest update calls for bending two fingers to look like a pair of glasses. Here’s a demonstration from the Tottenham midfielder himself.

Here’s a slow demonstration of how to do the new, double O salute, via Twitter user Lexi Ceballos.

The original challenge featured thousands of imitators on Twitter and Instagram. No word yet on whether the 22-year-old soccer star plans to execute the move the next time he scores a goal. His Tottenham club plays Monday against Manchester United.

H/T Mirror UK