Baby Daughter That Vanishes Into Thin Air On A Camping Trip Causes Decades Of Controversy

Camping trips are a great way to enjoy a long vacation with your family at your own pace. Not only can you spend time in each other’s company, but you can do it while enjoying all that the great outdoors have to offer. It’s an experience that brings a family together like no other.

However, there’s a reason some people prefer to stay in hotels. Camping in the wild can be very dangerous, and even veterans are capable of making a rash decision in a moment of panic. What happened to one family while they were camping just might make you rethink renting that winnebago…

On August 17, 1980, something dreadful happened to Lindy and Michael Chamberlain. They decided to take advantage of Australia’s cooler winter weather to go camping with their family near the famous Uluru rock. But when they woke up on their first morning outside, their nine-week-old daughter, Azaria, was missing from their tent.

Lindy claimed that a wild dog—a dingo—must have burst into the tent and ran off with the baby, but authorities were skeptical. They believed that story sounded unlikely and suspected that she was covering up what really happened…

Those suspicions would only deepen when, the very next week, a visiting hiker made a horrifying discovery: a pile of bloody baby clothes not far from where the Chamberlain family set up camp. This left authorities with even more questions…

Making police even more suspicious about the Chamberlains’ story was Michael’s reaction. As Lindy anxiously looked high and low alongside volunteer searchers, Michael seemed relaxed, remarking to one volunteer that his daughter was “probably dead by now.”

Everything changed when the coroner updated their findings. At first they agreed with the Chamberlains that the clothing indicated a dingo attack. But then the coroner added that the clothing also showed evidence of being tampered with by an “unknown adult.”

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