Calling All Disney Lovers: There’s A $15,000 Private Dining Experience That Is Magically Luxurious

The dinner is held in the apartment that Walt Disney planned to live in before his death.

If you’ve ever wanted to live like Disney royalty, now’s your chance. A dining experience at Disneyland’s new 21 Royal restaurant will certainly make you feel fancy — though it’ll also cost you a pretty penny.

For you and 12 of your friends to indulge in 21 Royal’s private dining experience for an evening, it’ll cost $15,000. But is it worth it? Well, it does seem luxurious — to say the least.

The Location

The dinner is set in an apartment that overlooks the theme park’s New Orleans Square. The apartment was originally designed to serve as a residence for Walt Disney and his wife just before Disney’s death.

According to the 21 Royal website, the decor is in the “Empire style made popular in 19th century New Orleans,” which features lavish draped curtains, ornate mirrors and a gilded fireplace.

21 Royal

The Food

When you and your guests sit down to eat, you’ll be served the best of the best. The 21 Royal website explains that the menu is specially designed to suit each dinner party.

“[The menu] weaves together a tapestry of imaginative dishes that combine to create an experience that is uniquely yours. The result is a wonderful combination of fine dining and Disney storytelling at its delicious best.”

Food & Wine’s Andy Wang experienced the royal treatment at Disney’s newest restaurant and wrote that his dinner included golden osetra caviar and Alaskan king crab, A5 Kobe pastrami and Santa Barbara spot prawns — all accompanied by wine pairings.

21 Royal

The Magic

Once dinner finally comes to a close, you’ll be treated to dessert on the balcony, which also provides a perfect view of Disneyland’s Fantasmic! musical show and fireworks on many nights — and this is where the magic of this star-like treatment really comes into play.

According to Wang, the best part of the 21 Royal experience was “the feeling of childlike wonder we had on the 21 Royal balcony after dinner, watching the Fantasmic! show and the fireworks while standing above a sea of humanity.”

Disneyland fireworks photoGetty Images | VCG

What Else Is Included For The Price?

The $15,000 cost for 12 people breaks down to $1,250 per person. That’s obviously not cheap, but the dinner at 21 Royal isn’t all you’ll get for that price. You’ll also receive park-hopper tickets to Disneyland for all 12 guests and valet service. Plus, the price is all-inclusive, so there are no extra costs for tax and tip.

You cannot stay overnight in the Disney residence, but you can explore the premises during your 21 Royal experience and discover whimsical touches within each room.

Disneyland roller coaster photoGetty Images | Handout

How To Reserve

If you’re interested in booking an extraordinary evening for you and 11 of your closest friends, you can contact the 21 Royal Concierge at (714) 300-7749. Bookings are available for up to six months in advance. So, the service is now booking through February 2019.

What do you think about this unforgettable-sounding evening? Is it worth it?