Babies And Dogs Meeting For The First Time Didn’t Really Go As Their Parents Hoped

New parents sometimes worry about the risks of pairing their newborn tot with a dog. A high-energy pup might trample over the fragile young one, or an older, wiser canine might not respond so well to a baby’s hands-on curiosity. Their worries may be warranted—but not always!

In fact, sometimes when you’ve got a dog and a baby in the same home, you’re guaranteed to have some incredibly cute and special moments. Yep, kids share a special bond with dogs that adults can only dream of—and these images below prove it!

Few scenes melt as many hearts and inspire as much joy as a newborn baby and a puppy paling around. Babies smiling. Tails wagging. What more could a person ask for? Still, some new parents are worried about putting their baby with a pup.

What if, some new parents wonder, the dog doesn’t crawl up onto the couch beside their young sons or daughters and drift with them into dreamland?

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Or worse, what if the dog has a temper with the baby girl? Kids are curious after all—who’s to say a dog wouldn’t snap at a young, sticky-fingered tyke tugging at his jowls?

After all, doesn’t the legendary film Peter Pan start with Mr. Darling firing the family dog as their kid’s caretaker? Dogs, the worried parents think, might be irresponsible when it comes to child rearing—or are they?

Maybe there’s a way to ensure that your Bernese mountain dog not only gives your newborn loving licks on the cheek, but makes them live happily, adorably, and safely?

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World-renowned dog trainer Brian Kilcommons, right, has six simple rules for new parents to follow so that their pups—human or otherwise—can create happy and adorable moments you’ll cherish for a lifetime. The first?

Make sure the dog knows simple commands—things like sitdown, and let go. That way, you can stop a misbehaving dog in her tracks… and maybe inspire her to sit down in your baby’s bouncer like the sweet puppy below! (Although, that might be a trick reserved for very good pets only)!

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Of course, once the dog picks up on the basics, the dog-training expert suggests moving on to more advanced commands, like “move aside!” That tip might’ve come in handy for this little girl…

Besides teaching your dog commands, the expert suggested introducing your pooch to some kids before giving him a live audition with your kiddo. Kids are loud and unpredictable, after all—that takes getting used to!

In fact, you want your doggo to see a kid in every intense emotional state possible: laughing, crying, crying-laughing. Take the dog to the park, too, (heck, put him on the swing!) where he can see kids in their most natural state.

Brian Kilcommons has three more tips for parents eager to experience the beautiful music of a puppy and a baby having a good time together. The next? Make sure the kids don’t interrupt the dog’s schedule—sleep included!

A dog with her schedule thrown out of sorts might be less understanding about a kid playing with her food dish or tugging on her tail… Quick, someone tell this baby to let his dog friend get his dinner!

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You should work with your baby, too, according to the dog expert, to make sure they know how to handle the dog. This baby, for instance, had an effective way of dealing with a dog’s high energy…

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Kilcommons recommends teaching your child from a young age to never do anything to a dog that they wouldn’t do to a sibling. Though that list might not be so exhaustive for some youngins.

That’s why, for extra safety, Kilcommons says you should never leave your baby alone with a dog. If nothing else, you wouldn’t be able to film and capture the happy, laughing, aww-inspiring moments between them.

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If need be, you can keep your baby safe from the yipping, nipping dog by locking ol’ Fido in a crate… but even so, his being locked up doesn’t prevent a determined little girl from hanging with her dog friend!

After taking those five precautionary steps, if your dog and baby still can’t be best buds and work together, Kilcommons says you just have to know when to ask for help.

If the dog can’t get along with the child it might be time for some professional intervention, ’cause at the end of the day, the baby and the dog should be supporting one another, ya know?

Because when a baby and a dog grow up making magical moments like those captured in so many videos across the Internet, they bond together—and love each other—for life!

Check out how the dogs in the videos below make their human baby counterparts laugh and laugh endlessly. These babies experience a joy that only our favorite four-legged friends can bring.

There’s no easy way to say which part of this compilation was the best—they’re all so precious. Hopefully, these babies will watch this video when they get older and see how much their family pets loved them.

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