Anti-Trump bros defend children’s book by posting topless selfies

When we last left Ed and Brian Krassenstein, they were upset at people laughing at their attempt to profit off the online “resistance” that has cropped up to President Donald Trump, by publishing an illustrated children’s book about taking down the president.

They even were upset with the Daily Dot’s coverage of their book, which many on Twitter said depicted Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) being carried away in a “rape sack.”

Where are they three weeks later?

Still upset about it. But this time, they’ve resorted to an entirely new strategy to defend their book: sharing topless selfies. It’s odd.

Twiter has been laughing at the Krassensteins ever since their new book, How the People Trumped Ronald Plumb, a fever dream about a president being impeached, was tweeted about by Brian Krassenstein in July.

Their work went viral again this weekend when Brian Krassenstein tweeted it was available for pre-order, and Twitter aggregator Twitchy covered their depiction of Special Counsel Robert Mueller as a shirtless superhero named Robert Moral.

That prompted a (very) unusual line of defense from Brian Krassentein, who said he wasn’t afraid to let his son see men without their shirts on.

It began with Brian Krassenstein saying he wasn’t afraid to let kids see people shirtless, which doesn’t explain why he drew a picture of Robert Mueller shirtless.

He also shared more shirtless pictures of other superheroes, who are fictional and not real people.

Brian was backed up by his brother Ed, who shared a photo of the two of them shirtless with one of their children, which again doesn’t prove any point.

(As this article was in writing, Ed began deleting these tweets.)

Ed Krassenstein/Twitter

As well as a picture of Barack Obama shirtless at the beach (also deleted).

No one is saying children should be blindfolded in the presence of men at the beach, just that it’s weird to depict Mueller as shirtless but also wearing a tie. And posting pictures of yourself topless with children doesn’t change that equation one bit.

And when people made fun of them for that behavior, they got upset all over again and started calling for a reporter with the Daily Beast, Lachlan Markey, to be fired.

The two haven’t been able to get out of their way online since their book went viral, but at least it’s meant some jaw-dropping and hilarious gaffes.

Maybe they’re hoping all this drama is good publicity?