Workers That Pry Open Ancient Tomb Are Quickly Met With A Chilling Sight They Can’t Explain

Egypt is certainly a country full of historical riches. They have the pyramids, the Sphinx, and countless numbers of ancient tombs that have significance to scientists and researchers worldwide. Still to this day, experts are uncovering new discoveries.

One of the latest and most unusual finds occurred in the city of Alexandria. A massive sarcophagus was unearthed while a construction crew was digging the foundation of a new apartment building. But when they finally pried it open, workers were scrambling to get away!

Archaeologists have spent centuries digging under our modern world in search of historical treasures. Recently, in Alexandria, Egypt, construction workers came across an amazing find…

Egypt has served as a source of incredibly significant historical discoveries. Experts have uncovered treasures in the pyramids and investigated tombs like King Tut.

During its ancient heyday, the city of Alexandria was a bustling location full of ships, traders, and merchants. The city was founded by Alexander the Great, and it linked Greece to the Nile Valley in Egypt.

Obviously, the Alexandria of today is nothing like what it once was. Now it’s a jam-packed city full of businesses and apartments. 

While construction workers were digging the foundation of a new building, they came across a massive tomb 16 feet beneath the ground. Experts eventually determined the tomb dated back to the Ptolemaic period, between 305 and 30 B.C!

Resting peacefully in the corner of the tomb was an enormous black sarcophagus. Compared to other ones found throughout Egypt, this one was abnormally big, leaving archaeologists flummoxed about what could be inside. 

Along with the enormous black sarcophagus was a large alabaster head. The features of the head eroded over the years, and, unfortunately, no one could tell if it was supposed to be modeled after someone important, so they decided to investigate…

Nearly half a dozen men tried to pry off the sarcophagus’s lid, but the weight was immense! They were going to need some heavy machinery. The crew also contacted an expert on the matter…

His name was Ayman Ashmawy, and for many years he worked at Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities. He had plenty of experience examining historical finds. If anyone could shed light on this matter, it was him! 

Right away he noted a layer of mortar between the lid and body, which meant for over 2,000 years it was perfectly sealed. It was also made out of black granite, a very unusual material to use at the time. This begged a very important question…

Was the person buried inside of a very high status, or, perhaps, someone infamous? The tomb was immediately roped off. Now that news was spreading of the find, it would likely be a hot spot for would-be vandals and thieves.

The goal was to eventually get the lid off, but there were actually people who were wary of the entire operation. There were many tales of the Pharaoh’s curse being unleashed with the opening of certain tombs. Was there an evil curse lurking inside?

Most people, however, believed there was someone incredibly important buried inside due to its size and special black granite material. Could it have been Alexander the Great himself? They would soon find out…

Using massive cranes and thick rope, the workers were able to get a solid hold of the lid. If it dropped mid-lift, not only could it destroy whatever lay inside, but it could seriously injure those involved. With the force of the crane, they slowly opened the coffin…

Almost immediately, the workers scrambled to escape the wretched fumes that rushed out of the now-open sarcophagus. Several wretched minutes later, though, most of the scent dissipated, and workers stared at the remains lying inside.

There were three mangled skeletons resting in a thick red liquid. The skeletons were alleged to be soldiers, and the red liquid, it turned out, was raw sewage that leaked into the sarcophagus and, over time, fermented into a horrific smelling goo. 

 A man named Innes McKendrick actually started a petition to turn the red goo into a carbonated energy drink for consumption! He firmly believed by consuming the liquid people would gain “powers.”  Thankfully, in spite of signatures, the corpse juice will remain unconsumed.

The finds in Egypt show no sign of stopping. Researchers recently found an entire network of tombs right underneath the city of Cairo that’s upwards of 2,000 years old! This massive find, however, may take up to five years to completely excavate!

The opening of the mysterious black sarcophagus was clearly an underwhelming event. Experts hoped to find something of more historical significance, but instead, they got the sewage-covered remains of unnamed soldiers. 

Even though the end result may not have been what workers hoped for, the entire process of excavating the tomb and removing the lid was incredible! Hey, you win some, you lose some.

Egypt is a hot spot for these kinds of finds. Hopefully one day someone will discover the actual tomb of Alexander the Great.

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